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Getting Reminders Where and When You Need Them.

With ProWorkflow’s Calendar Page you can set events as reminders that will sync with the Calendar of your choice for that push in the right direction at exactly the right time.

You can sync with Outlook, Google Calendars, or even straight to your iPhone.

1. To get started with the integration, head to your Calendar Page under the Time tab:

Calendar Page

2. In the top right hand corner of the page you’ll see the “Subscribe” Button:



After clicking Subscribe, you’ll see two subscription options; “Events” or “General Tasks” (To subscribe to project tasks, head to the project in question).

3. Set “Events” to “Subscribed” like you see in the picture below:

Calendar integration

4. Copy the Highlighted URL and paste it into the calendar of your choosing using the instructions below:

Google Calendar


Calendar for iPhone

Now that your Calendar is synchronized it’s time to add an Event!

5. Hover over any of the days on your Calendar and you’ll see “+Add” appear in the top right hand corner:

Add Event

6. Click +Add and you’ll see the following window where you can enter all the relevant information for your event, including the time of day. Be sure to assign yourself then click “Add” to finish.

Add Event Details

This event will now synchronize with whichever calendar you use and you’ll be notified about it exactly as you like. Whether it’s an outlook notification when you’re sitting at your desk or a push notification on your iPhone while you’re out and about.

To find out more about Calendars or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

McKesson Case Study

We wanted to share some thoughts from a ProWorkflow user. It’s great to hear when the solution adds value to any business!


What made you look for a solution?

I was looking for an easy, economical way to track tasks, project management and maintenance assignments. I searched, searched and searched. Yes I found allot out there but it was one or the other PLUS EXPENSIVE!! I was about to give up and found ProWorkflow.   

What was it that you wanted from a project management tool?

The cost was first since I am using this not only in my career but in my personal business as well. I knew I would have to front the cost. Once I got in it and found how HIGHLY versatile the site is so I CAN use for projects, tasks, maintenance items, PM equipment, contractor tracking, cost analysis, and the archive!!! One would not think the archive is that important BUT when you can put all the invoices, plans, drawings etc in the project and then refer back at a whim, its priceless!! I have more VP and Clients come to me a year later and refer back and I have it, all of it NOTES and EVERYTHING! This program gives me the files, info and can pull reports EVERYWHERE I go even in the VP or clients office!!! I am hooked!! I work for a fortune 25 company and they provide management programs, I prefer and still use ProWorkflow!! Forget the rest use the Best!

What was it that made you choose PWF?

It is so easy and customizable!! Set up is fast, quick and simple. It allows you to put in as much or as little info as you like and still pull a report! Let’s chat about the reports. The reports are very customizable and perfect to relay to your team, a client or update a VP to know exactly where you and your team are on a project including INVOICING and if it has been billed or paid!!

What benefits do you find from working in the ‘cloud’?

It’s invaluable! I can login anywhere and know where I am on any project with billing, invoicing and time management.

How long did it take to implement?

About 2+ hours.

From your experience using ProWorkflow is there any advice you could give to other companies?

All I can say is for managers, VP, Presidents and business owners who are looking for a tool like this is try other programs, waste your time like I did, waste trial periods even waste money for first month start up like I did because something else is supposed to be the best and you will run back to PWF. An awesome product, fair price with the best support. Period!

I cannot really pick one thing, everything has a specific function and one is really just as important as the other. PWF has thought of everything any manager would need as far as I am concern.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. I have tried, more than I would like to count, project management tools. Yes some have called and asked for info or to explain how it works BUT PWF actually calls on a continuous basis and HOW they can meet my needs!! Really?? I company calls about their program and asks how can they better meet my needs? NO ONE DOES THAT except PWF!!!

- James Robles

ProWorkflow – Representing at Marketing United Conference!

Last week saw the Marketing United Conference in Nashville and by all accounts it was a great success! This was put on by Emma, a leader in the email marketing space, and a great bunch of guys. We sponsored the lanyards, stress balls and had some logos around the place. Proud to be a part of it!


image -



Keeping Your Contacts In The Loop

Have you ever needed to connect with your Clients en masse? If you have an important announcement that needs to reach some, or all of your Contacts you can use ProWorkflow to email them as a group.
Group Email Clients


Simply head to the Contacts tab and select all your intended recipients. You can refine this selection in two ways:


  • By User type, e.g. Staff, Client, Contractor or Other


  • By one or more Tags, as you can see in this example.


After making your selection, click the “Email” button to start writing your message.



You will then be presented with the following window, where you can draft your email in either HTML or plain text. ProWorkflow’s email system also has handy variables so you can include your Contact’s first or last name for that personal touch!

Group Email Clients B

If you have any questions about emailing your contacts or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

ProWorkflow is live on Zapier!

zapierZapier is one of the world’s largest SaaS integration hubs and we’re happy to say we are now live on their site for anyone to access!

Thanks to all our beta testers! Being on Zapier now enables customers to access a large number of integrations with best of breed products. Even if you do not have a development background, it’s simple and easy to use. You can easily create integrations between SaaS products with a few clicks!

The number of Zapier/ProWorkflow users has grown quickly over the past couple of months as everyone simply loves it! Here are some of the latest trending Zap’s on our radar.

Google Contacts to ProWorkflow

Contacts from Google Contacts can be synched in ProWorkflow in an instant!


ProWorkflow to Capsule CRM

Contacts are a breeze. What’s really impressive is that Quotes from ProWorkflow can go flow through to Capsule as a New Opportunity.


ProWorkflow to Kanban Tool

For the Kanban fans! When you have a new Task set up in ProWorkflow, a new Kanban Card will be added instantly on your plate.


Some advanced tips for the pros!

Webhook to ProWorkflow

This is not Polling. Wait for a POST or PUT Webhook and add or edit a new Project in ProWorkflow.

Email Parser to ProWorkflow

Create a parser mailbox and create new Tasks in ProWorkflow from any email system/client. Remember to keep the mailbox address safe!


To learn more or if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch!