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New Invoice Layout! Teaser!

We are totally overhauling the Invoice and Quotes plugins currently and I have to say it’s looking great! The new Invoice/quotes creation method is really simple to use and fast! This will be aiming for release Q1, 2015.

We want to give a teaser that customers could use now and also wanted to get some feedback so we are releasing the Invoice layout through a hidden emulator page.

This means you will be able to compare the new layout with the old and also make a PDF if you want to send the invoice. The old layout will still appear when clicked from the Invoices page, but you can just pop to the ‘Emulator’ page if you want to access the new look.

Here’s the new style:


We worked hard to design a clean layout that would work with the variety of invoice data that customers enter. We just wanted a simple clean design.

How do I see the new invoices?

To access the new Invoice Emulator tool, when logged into ProWorkflow, just add the following to your account URL:  /invoicing/emulator.cfm


When you go to that link, you’ll see the emulator page. Just choose an invoice and you’ll see it in both the old and new design! If you like, you can make a PDF of the new invoice design and send to your client.

Please use the ‘Send Us Feedback’ link and give us your thoughts!


When is it coming?

We are putting out the new Invoice plugin as a whole in Q1, 2015 (or Q2 latest). We are aiming to release upgrades to both the Invoice and Quotes plugins at the same time.

In the meantime we’ll leave the emulator in place for both so you can still send the new invoices out if you like.

What about Quotes?

We are just finishing the quote layout currently and should have a quotes emulator out in the next 1-2 weeks.

New! Quickbooks Online Integration!

quickbooksonlineWe have just rolled out a nice update to the Invoice Plugin. We now allow you to sync your invoices with Quickbooks Online! This was a much requested feature so we’re happy to get this out.

This will operate in a similar manner to our other accounting integrations so is easy to use. Watch the vids below to learn more.

Here’s a quick guide to help you get the integration setup…


New! ‘My Contacts’ app!

We’ve just released a new app! Now you can quickly access your ProWorkflow contacts on mobile or desktop with the ‘My Contacts’ app!


The ‘My Contacts’ app has been designed to enhance the built in Contact Manager in ProWorkflow. It will allow you to take your Contact interaction to a whole new level.


  • View and interact with your ProWorkflow Contacts quickly and easily.
  • Locate Contacts on the move with the Google Maps link.
  • Call Contact Phone Numbers directly out of the app.
  • Ideal for any mobile team that’s on the go.

This app will run on your desktop, Android or Apple iPhone!

The desktop version was developed on AdobeAir, so you’ll need to download this from the following link: Download AdobeAir

To find out more and download: Visit our App Store


Timeline page – Bulk modify dates!

Are you already familiar with the Timeline module in a single Project? Here’s a quick tip to modify the Dates for your Projects as a bulk action.

Simply go to the ‘Time > Timeline page’ and run the Timeline search. Right click on the Date bar and you can see the options. Currently we allow you to select All Tasks in this Project, Select Active Tasks in this Project and Select All Tasks in the Timeline. Then just drag to adjust the dates!


Daylight Saving Changes

Reminder to all users that Daylight Savings changes are upon us again – heading into summer hours for our Southern Hemisphere counterparts and sliding into winter hours for our Northern friends.

It’s a great idea when you update your radio alarms, watches, body clocks, car clock & smoke alarms to also adjust your own time in PWF. If you’ve already made the transition then pop into your ‘Personal Profile’ now and adjust that time, if you’ve yet to hit the crossover date then pop the ‘Event’ into your ‘Calendar’ now.

Here’s a quick video to remind you how to do so:

Changing your Time in ProWorkflow

Alternatively click the in-app Help button on the top right hand corner of your ProWorkflow account and search ‘Daylight’ to find a list of steps showing you how to adjust your own Time.