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Daylight Saving Changes

Reminder to all users that Daylight Savings changes are upon us again – heading into summer hours for our Southern Hemisphere counterparts and sliding into winter hours for our Northern friends.

It’s a great idea when you update your radio alarms, watches, body clocks, car clock & smoke alarms to also adjust your own time in PWF. If you’ve already made the transition then pop into your ‘Personal Profile’ now and adjust that time, if you’ve yet to hit the crossover date then pop the ‘Event’ into your ‘Calendar’ now.

Here’s a quick video to remind you how to do so:

Changing your Time in ProWorkflow

Alternatively click the in-app Help button on the top right hand corner of your ProWorkflow account and search ‘Daylight’ to find a list of steps showing you how to adjust your own Time.

PWF Image Uploader!

We’re excited to announce the release of our new Mobile Image Application!


A picture is worth a thousand words, share yours with your team or clients using the new PWF Image Uploader. Just snap a picture with your smartphone and upload it to a Project.

Building something? Keep a visual record of your progress.
Tracking expenses? Take a picture of that receipt and attach it to your Project.

Or even take a group shot to show the team how your Client lunch is going!

How it works:

  1. Take a photo using your smart phone or mobile device (alternatively, you can browse through your phone for an image).
  2. Select a Project and upload the image to it directly from your phone.

And even better, it’s free! Try it out for yourself! Designed for Android and IOS smartphones and tablets.

To find out more: Visit our App Store

ProWorkflow - upload images


ProWorkflow Tour Guide

Getting started with ProWorkflow has never been easier with our new Tour Guide!

Welcome Tour Guide modal

The tour guide briefly explains some of the main aspects of ProWorkflow when you first log in. It shows you where you can add your first project, how to navigate through the system, review activity summary and get help.

For a more detailed walk-through, jump onto one of our Introduction to ProWorkflow webinars. Click here to get registered: ProWorkflow Webinars

If there is anything you are still unsure about, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Team!

Modals UI Update

A few of you may have spotted this one. We’ve updated all the application modals (popups) to freshen them up a little and move the submit buttons to a more logical position.

This update is live on all accounts. Click the two screenshots below to see a larger pic showing the subtle change!



If you have other ideas for UI teaks, please feel welcome to get in touch.