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How Profitable Are Your Projects?

It can often be hard to tell, especially if your accounting data is spread out across different platforms.

It doesn’t have to be that hard!
In fact, with ProWorkflow’s Profitability Report, making sure that you’re making money has become difficulty-free. Whether you’re after a quick overview of Projects from a particular client or you’d like to get right down to the details and get a Task by Task run-down based on Task and Staff rates respectively.

Profitability App

Our Profitability report offers a wide range of options for filtering your data, from the broad strokes of Project Categories down to specific task statuses.
Being able to apply this versatility to all your Project data in one place makes this report an accounting force to be reckoned with!

So the next time you’re wondering how Profitable your Projects are you can go ahead and find out, the easy way! Check out the video below to find out more.
Or you can try it yourself Here.

If you have any questions about the profitability app or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Scheduling Vacations in ProWorkflow

Need a way to manage when your staff are away from the office? Whether it’s a staff vacation, sick leave or bereavement leave, you can manage your staff availability within ProWorkflow.

Create a Project called ‘STAFF OUT OF OFFICE’, and whenever your staff are going out of office, they can set up a task within that Project for the duration of their leave, allowing you to better schedule their workload.

Then take a look at the Availability Checker to see when your staff can take on that next job based on their available hours!



Scheduled Maintenance

This Easter weekend, our infrastructure team will be deploying new servers to support our continued growth and offer improved performance to our customers. The nature of these upgrades mean that some downtime will be required whilst we replicate customer data to the new servers.

We have scheduled this work over Easter to minimize the impact on our customers but for those of you who are working over the weekend, please take note of the times below when your ProWorkflow account may not be accessible:

United States (PDT) – 5pm to 10pm, Sat 4th April
United States (CDT) – 7pm to 12am, Sat 4th April
United States (EDT) – 8pm to 1am, Sat 4th April
United Kingdom – 1am to 5am, Sat 5th April
Australia (NSW) – 10am to 3pm, Sun 5th April
Australia (WA) – 8am to 1pm, Sun 5th April
New Zealand – 12pm to 5pm, Sun 5th April

If not listed above, use this link to check your time zone.

Daylight Savings–Adjust your time!

Reminder to all users that Daylight Savings changes are upon us again – heading into winter hours for our Southern Hemisphere counterparts and sliding into summer hours imagefor our Northern friends.

It’s a great idea when you update your radio alarms, watches, body clocks, car clock & smoke alarms to also adjust your own time in PWF. If you’ve already made the transition then pop into your ‘Personal Profile’ now and adjust that time, if you’ve yet to hit the crossover date then pop the ‘Event’ into your ‘Calendar’ now.

Here’s a quick video to remind you how to do so:

Vid: Changing your Time in ProWorkflow

.Alternatively click the in-app Help button on the top right hand corner of your ProWorkflow account and search ‘Daylight’ to find a list of steps showing you how to adjust your own Time.

Restore options in Audit Log

Deleted a Task or Time entry by accident? Regret the deletion of a list of Tasks on an existing Project?

Don’t you worry… As long as you have access to the Audit Log, you will be able to see the new “Restore” option in Audit Log.

Besides Project, Company and Contact, we have added a few more options that allow you to restore a Task, Time, Task Template, Task Category and Project Category.

On the Advanced Plan, we also added the ability to restore Project Status, Team/Group and Custom Fields.

Simply go to Settings > Audit Log (bottom left) > Search for the recent results > Click “Restore” to restore the items you want.


Please contact Support if you have any further questions!