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proworkflow vs attask

Evaluating project management software?

Make sure you really check out the things your team need to do every day work well. Really check the product matches the marketing!

Try to…

Ask about…

Add Staff & Clients

Is it easy? Check contact details and permissions.

Any Hidden Costs

Are there setup, training and install costs?

Make a Project

Is the level of data suitable? How easy is it?

Data Security

Request information about data security and uptime.

Make some Tasks

Is it easy to assign work to staff and see progess?

Staff Training

Do they offer free training or training resources?

Track some Time

Is it easy and flexible as staff may use this heavily.

Post Sales Support

Ask about time of day and expected response times.

Test the Support

Send some hard questions, see how they respond.


Ask about the frequency and testing of backups.

How is ProWorkflow different than AtTask?

If you test the items above, you will find ProWorkflow is stronger in many areas that can affect your daily productivity. These are the main differences, but to compare fully, check out the ‘Feature Links’ below.




Learning Curve
How easy it is for staff to learn the tool
Easy to learn, Intuitive
Steep learning curve
What training is available?
Free setup and training
Training is chargable
App Store
For additional plugin apps and tools
Has an App StoreNo App Store
Can you brand your account
Customize logo and colors
What trial process do they have?
Free online trials
By request, not public
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 View Pricing
View Pricing

ProWorkflow’s best features!

These are the key points of difference that ProWorkflow has over most of the competition. We have other features of course but these are just the ones that we do very well or that we do and the others don’t.

ProWorkflow’s Strong Points

View Info Tool

The ‘View info’ tool lets you easily see what others are doing. Great for checking staff workload.

Time Tracking

ProWorkflow has many easy time tracking options. In app, mobile, widgets, timer, direct entry etc.
There is also a fast weekly timesheet view with drag and drop time entry.

Quick Add Button

A single ‘+ ADD’ button is on every page so you can add anything at any time from any page.

Single Page Projects

individual projects are managed on a single page, not complex tabbed views line other tools.

Powerful Permissions

Comprehensive roles and permissions, give you great security and an easy way to contol user access.

Easy Assignment

Easy bulk task assignment and drag and drop features make assigning work a breeze.

Client/Contractor Access

ProWorkflow can be easily accessed by your clients and contractors remotely through a secure login.

Live Workload Scheduling

Live updating of staff workload numbers through drag and drop scheduling and a dynamic timeline.


You can change the colors of the account and add a logo to match your company brand.

High Volume Interface

The user interface supports large work volume of projects and tasks with ease.

Hierarchy / Org Chart

Create an Org Chart of your company structure and then the hierarchy applies through the application.
This means you can manage and report on different company divisions, teams and groups.

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