PivotTable: How to Create a Pivot Table


What is a Pivot Table?

Spending too much time analyzing data?

PivotTables automatically sort raw data into a table or spreadsheet, displaying the results on a separate table showing the summarized data. PivotTables can save you a lot of time, work and give you insights into your data that you may have missed or is difficult to discover.

PivotTables are a powerful tool in Excel that delivers analytical power and allows the user to summarize raw data allowing for effortless data analysis and powerful project management.

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Zapier and ProWorkflow – a practical example

What is Zapier?

Have you ever wished that applications would talk to each other, without you and your team having to act like a go-between for your own software?
Well, the clever people at Zapier have made some software to do that for you.

Not only that, but we at ProWorkflow have been updating our application based on our customers’ use, as mentioned in an update post at the end of last month.

How do I use it?

Zapier works by using triggers, actions, and filters to help manage a workflow.
You can view what’s possible with ProWorkflow and Zapier here.

Let’s take a practical example of something that has come up with our customers before, to show you how these features work.

The Aim

I want my clients to be able to send me a project request externally for pre-sale purposes. In this scenario, my clients aren’t going to be repeat or return customers – in fact, they are often one-off clients. So I don’t want to clog up my ProWorkflow contacts with hundreds of entries that might not end up using my company and the ProWorkflow software.

What I’d like to have is the ability to share a Google Form as part of my pre-sale discussion, which makes a Project Request come through to ProWorkflow against a client contact.

Once that is approved and confirmed by both people, I will create the Client in ProWorkflow and move the Project over to them.

The Preparation

I’m going to need to make a client in ProWorkflow called something generic, for this example I’ll call it “Client to Approve” under a made up company – I used our own business name “ProWorkflow”. I’ll make sure I enable client access as I will need to use the login details I enter in Zapier later:

client contact add

I know that I want this to happen when a response to a Google Form is submitted. I made this form (you will need to make your own, which you’ll have the option to change the wording on):


I created a sheet from the form for the data to go into which looks like this:


We’re all set and ready to start setting up our workflow in Zapier.

The Trigger

We’ll start making the Zap:


So we clicked on “Make a Zap”, then the account to use and the spreadsheet that we’ve already made. Zapier then tested the trigger.

The Formatting Action

Sometimes you need to format data between two pieces of software because the companies use different layouts. In my use case, I know the date should be in a Year – Month – Date format. I can see this isn’t the way the Google form outputs this data.

A handy tool to manage this is Formatter by Zapier like so:


So we chose Formatter by Zapier as our action application then the Date/ Time option. From there I selected Format and selected Due date.

I then selected in the “To format” (the output that we can send to ProWorkflow) as YYY-MM-DD.
Zapier then cleverly stores the information for use in our final step.

The Add Project Request Action

I have all the information needed to send through to my ProWorkflow account. Now I need to use the client username and password that I made during the preparation, as well as the account’s API key – which if you don’t know already, you will need to contact us.
I can then set up the rest of the final action as below:


At this stage, I can populate the fields in “Add Project Request” with their corresponding answers from the form response and the date from the Formatter by Zapier.

That’s it, we can now set the Zap to “On”, share the form and the Project Requests can come rolling in!
The responses will feed into ProWorkflow as a Project request from “Client to Approve” as you can see:


Zap Ideas

Here are the most popular uses of ProWorkflow in Zapier:

Jump on in and start using both ProWorkflow and Zapier to their full potential.

ProWorkflow improvements! Zapier and Reporting

What have the team at ProWorkflow been improving?

With a New Year firmly underway we wanted to let you, our customers know what the team have been working on.

The support team have updated some options in Zapier, the tool which can be used to connect your ProWorkflow account to other software.

Our developers have updated the back-end of our software in preparation for a reporting upgrade this year.

Zapier Updates

The support team have added some new features to Zapier with the assistance of our CTO, Richard who managed to make some great improvements.

You can now:



  • Search for companies.
  • See existing General Tasks and Project categories are now automatically pulled through to the Zap when making a new General Task or Project.
  • Add additional contacts to tasks and projects without having to replace (as with “Update Project” or “Task”).
  • Add Shared Project Notes.



Background changes & reporting improvement plans

Our developers have been working on writing the code for a new reporting area.

You won’t have noticed any changes yet, but we have updated some of our software to allow data to be managed using a different method. This has allowed us to do a lot of the preparation for the roll out in advance – as well as our usual testing.

A benefit of this is that we are futureproofing ourselves – these changes will allow us to stay at the leading edge of our industry.

We can’t give you an idea of timeframe at this stage (due to the complexity of the changes being made), but we can tell you that our developers are all working hard and have been making good progress.

When we are ready to release this blog will be updated, so subscribe here if you’d like to be kept up to date.


If you have any questions or run into any problems, let the  ProWorkflow Support Team know and we’ll help from there.

ProWorkflow API, Desktop Widget and Time Tracker Update

What’s happening?

We have updated our Adobe Air apps to use our most recent API (this is the set of commands that allow the apps to talk to ProWorkflow).

Our old APIs are being deactivated later this month so you will need to update the apps or they will no longer work correctly.

What do I need to do?

If you’re using either of these applications, you’ll first need to uninstall them:


Windows Users




Mac/OSX Users




Then install the new version of the Desktop Widget or the Time Tracker.


If you have any questions or run into any problems, during or after the updates, let the  ProWorkflow Support Team know and we’ll help from there.

The ProWorkflow Awards!


image2016 has been a big year for ProWorkflow and we are proud to see what some of our customers, such as yourself, have achieved!

We wanted to recognize some of our customers amazing results so we have created the ProWorkflow Annual Awards!

The winning statistics below (taken over 12 months use) shows a glimpse of how scalable our tool can be to business needs.

Well done all!



The Overachiever Award!
For the most Tasks completed overall…

Euphoria Telecom (Pty) Ltd
45,000 Tasks!



The Closer Award!
For the most Projects completed overall…

Blufish Design Studio
2,000 Projects!



The Hard-Worker Award!
For the highest amount of logins…

National Instruments
33,000 Logins!



The Tracker Award!
For the most Time tracked…

Bio Connections
87,000 Hours!



The Collaborator Award!
For the most Clients with access…

Crash Brokers
5,300 Clients!




The Deliverer Award!
For the highest percentage of Tasks completed on time…

JAS Pacific



MVP Award!
To recognize an account that was leader in multiple categories…

DMD Marketing Corporation
2,500 Projects! – 83,000 Tasks!



The Merrymaker Award
For the earliest enable of the Holiday Theme

New Balance


Note: If you haven’t already enabled the Holiday theme, go to ‘Settings -> Look’n’Feel Settings’ and scroll down to the Holiday Theme setting. This will give your account some festive decorations!


Congratulations to all of the accounts who have won this year, keep an eye out for the award coming your way in the post!

Love, the ProWorkflow team!