New Email Notifications!


SNAGHTML20c44f6From this Monday – July 18th 2016, the look and information around notifications with ProWorkflow will change!

This update is based on customer feedback from those who wanted to be able to make their notifications simpler with options to keep different people up to date.

What is changing?

We are replacing the “Settings > Email Alerts Settings/Builder” pages with a simpler page called “Settings > Notifications“!

Notifications settings page

Improvements in group notifications!

Previously you could only notify “Assignee” or “Creator”, now you can keep Staff, Clients, Contractors and Managers updated automatically!

As the notifications will have the option to go to your clients, you can add your company signature to keep the professional yet personalized look.

The content and types of emails that are sent have now been simplified and standardized, with a key change being able to see when Project or Task details are modified

Note: This does not include “Description” or “Custom Forms”.


Summary emails!

We also wanted to stop sending multiple emails, so now you will find that when changes or summaries are sent of projects and tasks, you’ll get just the one summary email!


What do I need to do?

This coming Monday, for you to get the most out of this update your administrator should look over your new Notification Settings page.

We will have changed the options which do the same things for you i.e. if you have all notifications set to off they will remain off.

If you have enabled or disabled alerts, it will set them as the same, but with different groups:

● Assignee will be selected for Staff, Clients and Contractors.

● Creator will be replaced by Manager.

There are some new options, which you might want to look at and see which groups you would like to notify.

If you get stuck or have questions, please contact us!


New ProWorkflow Integrations: Introducing Single Sign On for Google, Azure, Okta and OneLogin

The dev team have been hard at it again! The integrations just keep flowing from our developers – this time we’re proud to add a pretty exciting extension category added to the tool.


If you’re a big fan of Single Sign On, you’ll already know how fantastic the service is, if you’re not a big fan however – it’s probably more likely you’ve never heard of it, because it’s terrific. In this post we’ll explain Single Sign On, how it affects you, how SSO integrates with our tool and how to implement it.

Sounds cool, what is it?

Do you have too many logins and passwords for all the different services that you use?

SSO integration will be a good way of spring cleaning all of those hard to remember details, because for the services that are linked – there is just a single sign on username and password to remember.  We’re using a common way of talking to other providers called SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) to securely log you into our software.

This will allow you to log into your 3rd party application e.g. Google and link it to your ProWorkflow login – Saving you time and mental storage space.

Ok but is it easy for me to set up?

You’ll need to pick which 3rd party login software that you’d like to use. As of this updates publish date there are four:

  • Azure
  • Google
  • Okta
  • OneLogin

All you’ll need to do to set this up is go to the integrations settings page


Following some of the easy setup instructions as in the example below for Google – be sure to follow the steps in your own integration area. Please don’t use any of the example data shown below


…and we’re set for sign in!

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this latest update and remember: you don’t need to be Steve Wozniak or Bill Gates to take advantage of this great new integration if you feel it will benefit your company.

The setup process in ProWorkflow for this integration is simple to follow and if you do need help, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or contact our Support Team.

As always stay tuned for more announcements right here on our blog, if you haven’t already done so remember you can also stay informed by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter.

Note: If you don’t currently have a ProWorkflow subscription and wish to try the above integrations, signing up for a trial is easy! Head to our trial page or click here.

API V3 Update


In the blink of an eye, we have been in business for 14 years! From the first prototype of ProWorkflow to the full solution we provide today, we couldn’t be more proud :-)

As part of the regular updates we release every quarter on the core application, our API has also undergone tremendous changes and updates too.

The majority of clients who use our API today are using our latest version, ProWorkflow API V3. This is not only the currently supported version, but also the most feature rich and fastest version of our API.

The latest API V3 is miles ahead of its predecessors and have the following benefits:

  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Newer API methodology
  • Uses JSON for data transfer
  • Ability to add custom API fields for extra data storage
  • Updated documentation

As of the end of December we have decided to discontinue all usage of our API V1 and V2. For all existing customers who are using older versions of the API for custom developed add-ons to ProWorfklow, now is the time to start looking into making changes and aligning these add-ons to our API V3.

API V3‘s documentation can be found here and an index of calls can be found here.

Our friendly and experienced support staff will proactively contact you to help you look into the changes required to continue using your custom add-ons to ProWorkflow.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the team:

New! Task Progress View!

This Monday we are releasing a productivity update to the Project Details page. We have created a new view called ‘Progress’ just above the Task list on a project.

This will allow you to see easily at a glance the progress of your tasks, time spent, time remaining and overdue. Having this more visual will help you have a better overview on the project.



Permissions Note:
At this stage, this view is restricted to only Superusers or Project Managers as it requires the viewing of ALL tasks on a project for accuracy.

Feel welcome to send feedback when you’ve had a play!

Project Details page refreshed!


This coming Monday you will notice a few changes to the Project Details page. This is part of a series of UI/UX updates we’re working on designed to make the app cleaner, simpler, easier on the eye but still have the current level of functionality.

These changes may seem minor, but small irritants in the UI can become an annoyance over time which nobody wants! We want to make your experience smoother!


The most noticeable change is the header on the page. We have cleaned this up so it matches other styles and is easier to understand. Some of the other subtle changes include:

  • Restyled entire header section
  • Made ‘Edit Project’ and ‘Active/Complete’ functionality clearer
  • Added large company avatar
  • Widened right column
  • Improved look of right side all modules
  • Moved ‘Project Module’ settings to ‘Edit project’
  • Lightened modules when they’re empty
  • Redesigned Contacts module (Using Avatars)
  • Simplified modules (When no data added)
  • Replaced all GIF icons with faster, cleaner Icon fonts
  • Flattened all button styles
  • Restyled ‘Drag/Drop’ contact to task buttons
  • And many small CSS changes


As always we are open to feedback. We are currently open to ideas related to UI/UX as we want to make the app friendlier and easier to adopt. Whether you have big or small ideas, drop us an email, we’ll love to hear your thoughts or comment on this post so others can discuss.

More coming soon!