Happy Holidays Theme!


It’s a been a big year and we’re all looking forward to the holiday season! The devs are working hard on some cool ProWorkflow projects but we found a few hours to knock out a ‘Happy Holidays’ theme!

This may bring a little Christmas cheer and will give a nice personal touch when your staff, clients and contractors login…

To enable the theme, just go to the ‘Settings > Look’n’Feel Settings’ page, scroll down to the last setting on the page and turn it on!


And he’s what you will see…
Happy Holidays from ProWorkflow!



New app! Agile Board!

We’ve added a new free app to the App Store!

app_agileUse our Agile Board to easily view the current status of your Projects by Category or Priority! Using drag ‘n’ drop makes moving your Projects from one phase, category or manager to the next is easier than ever.


Use the customizable colors and viewing options to get the board suiting your business.

This is a really quick way to work though your workload at a top level and as an added bonus projects can be completed (or deleted) from within the app itself.

We’re keen for feedback so send through your thoughts and we’ll look to release an update in the near future.

Try the Agile Board!


screen_agile4  screen_agile3

Try the Agile Board!

One-Click Access to your Apps!

Loving the Applications in our App Store and want to know how to access these quickly? Here are two simple ways to link apps to your account and access them with just one click!

To begin, select the App you wish to add to your account from the App Store and copy the URL:


Next, follow any of the two methods mentioned below –

Method 1.

On the Settings Page, go to General Settings.


Scroll down the page until you find the Header Links section. Click Add New and enter a title and paste the App URL copied earlier.


Once you’ve saved this link, refresh the page and the App will be accessible with just one click from the top right section of the Header.


Method 2.

From any page, click on the Star icon to expand your favorite Projects and Web Links. Beside My Web Links, click on Add.

A new pop-up box will appear for you to enter a title and paste the App URL.


Once you’ve saved this link, the App will be easily accessible by clicking on the Star icon.


Note: this works only for desktop Apps.

New ProWorkflow Webinars!


We’re excited to announce a brand new series of live webinars for all of our lovely friends over in Europe and the United Kingdom.

These webinars run weekly and takes you through an overview of ProWorkflow, covering Projects, Tasks and Time. Also, at the end of each session, you can get your questions answered on screen by our live presenter!

To get registered, visit:

Scheduling Vacations in ProWorkflow

Need a way to manage when your staff are away from the office? Whether it’s a staff vacation or sick leave, you can manage your staff availability within ProWorkflow.

Create a Project called ‘STAFF OUT OF OFFICE’, and whenever your staff are going out of office, they can set up a task within that Project for the duration of their leave. This will then mark their absence as committed time, so that no tasks can be assigned during that time. You will then be able to better schedule their workload by easily seeing their availability with scheduled leave day displayed as unavailable time.

Another great tool that can be used to compliment the suggestion above is the Availability Checker (this is a free App in our App Store). This tool displays a complete list of time committed to each staff user. This is a quick and easy way to help schedule upcoming work by seeing available hours.