Extend ProWorkflow with these cool tools to plug in!

January 6, 2009

New features are always being requested for ProWorkflow. To keep the application easy to use, and provide the greatest flexibility, extensions are being developed so we can meet the ever-widening needs of our customers. Rather than fatten the application with features people don’t use, we’ve opted to keep a slimmer core feature set and build a library of ‘Extensions‘.

We’ll be developing many more over the next year so keep checking back to see what’s new in the ProWorkflow camp! Here’s the current list:


Time Tracker
Use this downloadable, desktop Adobe Air widget to track time fast and simply. Compatible with Mac’s and PC’s! This was rolled out in November 08 and has been a success. Customers are loving the time saving ability of this tool!


Invoice Plugin
Create and send Invoices easily! Now includes QuickBooks and Xero integration! This is an easy way to create an invoice based on actual project time and info! It only takes a few minutes to create the actual invoice and once all project data is brought into the invoice, you have full ‘massage’ control!

Quotes Plugin
Create and send Quotes easily! These can be created easily in a few minutes. Once created, quotes can be ‘approved’ and turned into a live project in the system! Easy as pie!


QuickBooks Connect
Integrate invoices between ProWorkflow and QuickBooks. This is built into the above Invoice Plugin. Basically, you use a web connector to setup a sync between ProWorkflow and QuickBooks. This will update the status of invoices in both apps automatically! This way you can have the accounts person working as part of the project workflow loop!

Xero Connect
Integrate invoices between ProWorkflow and Xero. This is built into the above Invoice Plugin. Basically, you can tick the invoices in ProWorkflow to send to XERO and they’re sent across. The feature updates the status of invoices in both apps automatically!

ProWorkflow API
Write applications to connect with your ProWorkflow account. There are many different ideas customers want to develop and as we have a large number of tech customers, many could write apps themselves. So we’re enabling them to write apps which talk to their ProWorkflow accounts directly! Over time we’ll create a developer network and app store.

What’s being developed?

We always have something on the go around here! Here’s a list of just a few things we’re working on. There’s a lot more in the planning stage, but one thing is for sure – it’ll be a big year for the app!

  • ProWorkflow API
  • More account features for customers
  • Enhanced Xero and QuickBooks integration
  • Outlook Contacts & Calender Sync & many more…