Invoices Change

January 23, 2009

We’ve finished development and testing on a change to Invoices we’ll be rolling out to all customer accounts shortly.

Previously when you created an invoice it then linked to that company and let you set a contact you could then change the company name that displays on the invoice, this was fine in the past, but now that we link things like the advanced invoice search to specific companies, whenever you changed the company name on the invoice it broke the link with the company (because of course it was called something different).

There was also an issue where if you created an invoice for a specific company and wanted to duplicate it for another company you couldn’t, because there was no way to assign an invoice to a different company once it had been created.

The new change means when creating or editing an invoice or quote you have four options

  • An existing Company Only – Assign the invoice/quote to a company that already exists in your contacts
  • An existing Company & Contact – Assign the invoice/quote to a contact and a company that already exists in your contacts
  • A New Contact for an existing Company – You select a company that already exists in your contacts, and you can enter information to create a contact
  • A New Company & Contact – You can enter in the information to create a new contact at a new company

So now you can edit an invoice and assign it to another company/contact and have the address information update on the invoice for you for example.