• Interesting.

    Why not just add a news button to the current app instead of one that is made solely for the news? I guess I don't understand. I only have so much "app space" on my screens. Not sure that I would want this one taking up a slot when they could be combined.

    Either that or I can just access the website in the iPhone browser.

    Nice to see you are actively creating new items. I love the company. But, again… I'd rather just have the tracking app + news updates with push notifications.

    Maybe it's just me.
    – Brian

    • We'll probably do that as well. I was just having fun. We found an app that builds small iPhone apps so we just did it as an experiment really. But also so we could have all 4 feeds in the one app.

      When we add a feed to the main iPhone app it'll probably just be the main blog. It's no biggie, just a freebie that people can use if they like (or not) 😉

  • it's all good. Wish I had an app to create apps… I'd do the same thing most likely.

  • Hey Julian,
    I thought I saw a mention of which little app (appmaker?) you used to create the news app. Can you share that?

  • Richard

    Hi Bill,

    the link you need is http://www.appmakr.com/

    Enjoy 🙂