ProWorkflow’s iPhone App – Comments from the users!

January 25, 2010

imageThe ProWorkflow iPhone App is now available on the iPhone AppStore
(Download here).

Project management software that works great  on the iPhone! This app works in conjunction with a ProWorkflow subscription account so you can access and add project, task and time info on the go!

Here’s some comments we spotted from some users of the iPhone app. Go download a copy today and have a play! If you have a ProWorkflow account, you’ll find the iPhone app opens up the world as your office!

This is the first release but by the look of the great comments, the second release will really hit the mark!

Download here!


imageNothing short of excellent! – RZN8 Media

imageVersion 1.0 – Jan 19, 2010

I’ve been using the ProWorkflow software for years and seen it evolve into a truly excellent application. I went from BaseCamp ( hellllooooo! It’s not a project management tooool!) to ProWorkflow and have loved it. This iPhone app looks to be the missing link between me and my office. Thanks guys!

imageDone searching! – GettingLotMoreDone

imageVersion 1.0 – Jan 23, 2010

I have spent time and money searching for an app that handled project management. The search is over! I realized once I went to their website that this app was perfect. Coupled with a web based portal and an iPhone app I now have control over my projects. There isn’t one app out there with a desktop app or web portal like ProWorkflow that even makes sense. I can type pretty quick on my iPhone but not quick enough to make a iPhone only app productive. With ProWorkflow I enter my projects mostly on the web portal and use the iPhone if I have ideas when I am away from a computer. In just 3 days I have seen an increase in productivity. The web portal and this app rock!!!!!!

imageWhere it’s at! – Johny2Bax

imageVersion 1.0 – Jan 5, 2010

If you are looking for a serious Project time managing application, ProWorkflow is where its at. Their web interface is nothing short of epic, and the ability to now clock in and out and manage all my projects and employees while I’m on the go is a godsend. After months of searching for an all inclusive system to keep track of all my employees time as well as invoicing and projects, I stumbled upon ProWorkflow. The developers at ProWorkflow are constantly making valuable updates to the software based on customer feedback. The support I’ve received has blown me away. If one email doesn’t take care of it, I will commonly get a personal call from one of the good folks at ProWorkflow, and they get me all figured out in no time at all. A+ on the app. It’s super simple and helps me keep track of my time while I’m on the go. What more could I ask for?

imageProWorkflow on the go! – SpyJr

imageVersion 1.0 – Jan 5, 2010

Loving the new iPhone app for ProWorkflow. It’s a great way to track your staff’s projects and tasks and see what’s coming due and actually track new time as well. It would be great if the project area gave you access to not only a description and tasks, but also the messaging area, file area, timeline view and calendar. But then again this is only a first release. I think it’s a great start and works awesome. Looking forward to added features in future releases!