iCal – Google Calendar update and Multiple Project Sync!

July 15, 2010

Our recent iCal update has been immensely popular and we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response!

There are two features that we’ve had several requests for:

image1)  Google Calendar compatibility – Google uses the same ‘bot’ to fetch ics files as it uses for trawling the internet. This is causing an issue because we prevent Google from indexing our account servers (so your subscription doesn’t appear in Google search results). However, this prevents Google Calendar from downloading the ics files. We are awaiting a response from Google to try to find a fix for this issue.

2) Syncing multiple projects using one ics file – Currently we generate one ics file for each project, we’re monitoring load closely before we decide whether to allow a single ics file per client or for all projects.

imageNow for an awesome tip!
For any customers who need either of these features immediately, you can use Yahoo Pipes to create an ics feed that can consolidate multiple ics files and will also work with Google Calendar.

We have recorded a short video below that explains the process for using Yahoo pipes to generate an ics file that combines two project feeds.

iCal Integration Guide!


  • Mike Johnson

    i love the ical option, thanks! however, i doubt we'll use the ical for projects unless we can use 1 ical for all projects. this is a feature we'd love to use.

  • Fair enough. We may get there but want to watch the load with single projects first.

  • I switched over to ProWorkflow so I can better see what is going on. The calendar integration is helpful. The pipes tip above is great. I did not know about pipes but it solved the feed problem delay. If my google calendar gets a little busy, I can turn off that "group" of projects calendar but it is there if I need to know while looking at my calendar with everything else. Thanks.

  • Phil Niemeyer

    iCal integration is awesome. Would there be any way to associate Events with Projects? Events would allow us to create a record of something that's date and time specific – like a client review, or an on-location shoot associated with an existing project – and feed that data out to anyone subscribed.

    • Julian Stone

      We'll soon be looking into this – adding events to projects

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  • Harish Dharmarajan

    Are we able to publish these calendars to a website?