iCal Integration Released!

July 13, 2010

image We have just released ProWorkflow’s long awaited iCal integration! This means you will be able to view your projects, tasks and events from ProWorkflow on your calendar in Outlook, iCal, iPhone and more Actually, you can use pretty much any calendar that uses the .ics calendar format!

How does it work?

Step 1. Enable the iCal integration

All you do is go to your ‘HOME > Personal Settings’ popup (accessed from the dashboard when you login) and in the popup, scroll down to the ‘DEFAULT CALENDAR SETTINGS’ section.

As shown below, you can enable the iCal integration for Project Tasks, General Tasks or Events (or all). Just tick what you need!


Note: If choosing ‘Events’, you can subscribe to the calendar from the link that will appear below when you tick the ‘Events’ option.


Step 2. Subscribe to a Project

Click the ‘Subscribe’ link on a project to subscribe to the project’s calendar items. This will make the project calendar’s address (URL to .ics file) appear. Click this to finish subscribing to the project.

The image below shows the project calendar address. click this and the


Step 3. Select the calendar application

You should see a popup window showing a list of your available calendar applications (iCal, Outlook etc). Select your preferred calendar app and the items should be added to the calendar. As an example, below I used my Outlook calendar.


And here’s the Project’s items in the calendar!


Note: Adding Events

Another place you can subscribe to the Events calendar is from the Calendar page in ProWorkflow. All you nee to do is click the link and a green section will appear showing the calendar address. Click this and follow the same process as above.



And here are the events showing in the Outlook calendar.

image image

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us.

Update: We aware of an issue affecting Google Calendar users relating to robots.txt file. We are waiting on a response from Google on this issue which stems from the fact that they use the same search bot for ics files as for their main search algorithm. This means that working with Google Calendar currently would mean having all of your projects and tasks potentially indexed on Google (obviously not a good thing!).

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  • I use entourage (sadly) so I suspect it wont work with that, or is there a clever way around it?

    • You can link Apple iCal and Entourage together, although I think there is some funkiness with this approach.

      • Richard

        Hi Jason, in our testing we found that Entourage didn't sync with web calendars in iCal. It seems like Entourage is very limited in this respect. We're very open to looking at ways around this though!

  • Great feature. Thanks Julian.

  • Adding iCal is an excellent feature – Thanks!
    Do I need to subscribe each project separately or can I do a blanket subscribe to all projects?

    • Richard

      Hi Garry,
      Currently it's a per project subscription, we have customers with hundreds of active projects so a blanket subscription option would cause potential speed/load issues. If we get enough demand then we will look at adding this option in a future release.

  • Georgie

    Woohoo! Fantastic addition to the toolbox. Thanks Julian and the team!

  • Fantastic feature- thank you! Question for you though- when I subscribe in ical, the task comes through great- but I usually use ical in week view, and it shows the task taking up the entire day, even though only one hour is allocated to it. Is there any way to get it to just display for one hour's worth of time?

    • Not yet. We'll add that to the ideas list. We're starting to gather feedback for the next release of the ical integration.