Installed Software vs SaaS

September 23, 2010

We often come up against companies and customers comparing the ProWorkflow SAAS (Software As A Service) solution with the option of using (or building) an Installed application.

Basically, do you host the project management software remotely or install it locally? There are a lot of considerations on both sides, but the key ones are cost, implementation, support, security, speed.

Technology has come a long way in the past few years to the point that in most cases, these considerations are covered both in local installs and SAAS.

One of the common comments we’re hearing these days is that I.T. departments are slow, bureaucratic and costly. It’s pretty expensive to manage a server internally, control uptime and even get I.T. departments acceptance of unknown software.

SAAS solves all this. Just sign up, login and use it! We manage everything else (Backups, servers, support)! Below is a comment we received the other day along these lines.  😉

Thank you Julian,

On another note – being part of a large corporate business which has an Microsoft enterprise licence, I had to justify to management why I recommended PWF for our department.  To cover all bases, I met with a South African Microsoft representative for detailed advice on a possible MS workflow solution.  After many discussions, they came up with a proposal today.   The cost of setting something up for us is around US$ 25,000 which will take 2-3 months to implement – this excludes the monthly server/hosting costs.

This is exactly why I recommended PWF (which management approved):

  • there are no start up costs
  • can be up and running with minimal effort
  • monthly subscription is low
  • and covers all IT maintenance and infrastructure

Thank you for an amazing online solution to workflow management.!