New Widget for Christmas?

December 22, 2011


Merry Christmas!

Here’s a small gift to our awesome customers. It’s a little hard to put under the tree so the blog will need to do  :-)…

We’ve just finished a new time tracking widget (Beta) to replace the old one and given it a lot more functionality! You can now do the following in the desktop time tracking widget!

  • Search or select Tasks to work on
  • View ‘Upcoming’ Tasks
  • View Task Details
  • Track Time (Manual/Automatic)
  • Add/View Files
  • Add/View Messages

Have fun! We’ll be extending the functionality in the new year. We just wanted to put this out early so your feedback could be considered for the next release!

Beta Note:
This release is a beta release. If you spot any issues, please let us know.
Download the new widget!

Beta Note:
This release is a beta release. If you spot any issues, please let us know. Submit feedback through the feedback icon in the widget shown below.
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Default View – Task search

This is the default view. Just start typing and your tasks will appear below! Click them to view the task.

image  image

Choose Task

If using this option, just select the project and task and you’re good to go!


Upcoming Tasks

Clicking the expand icon on the top bar will show the ‘Upcoming Tasks’ list. See what’s coming up and get straight into it!


Task Details

We’ve extended the functionality of the widget so now you can view info, track time, upload files and add messages to any task!

You also now have both stop/start and manual time tracking. The numbers will indicate if time is over allocated or if there’s files and messages to view.


Upload Files to Tasks

Just drag files from your desktop to the selected task. Easy!


Task Messages

View or add messages to any task! Nice and easy!



The settings are the same as the current widget. Simple and does the job!



Merry Christmas everyone!

– The ProWorkflow team!

  • Great features in the new widget. Would be VERY helpful, if we could choose a client, then choose a project associated with that client. We have more than 100 open client projects, and without the ability to select a client first, just seeing the task name is insufficient.

    As a workaround, we include the client name in project number field. However, the project numbers shown in the widget do not match the project numbers we have created (we append the client name to the project number). If we could see the project numbers as we have defined them, this would eliminate the need to select a client first.

  • Tim

    I agree with David that are some excellent new features (I especially like the drag and drop attachment feature) and I also agree that a filter by client is needed. I am a little perplexed as to why the filter by client hasn't been included as the UserVoice suggestion <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( indicates it is completed, plus I had a sneak preview of the widget a while back and it was included in that preview. Please can you add this feature to the new widget.

    My other concern is the size of the new widget. In time tracking view it just takes up too much space (I have it on top all the time). The widget I would have thought needs to be as small as possible. I find the current one a little too big and I find this one much to big. At the current size of the time tracking view (the view I will use 99% of the time) I won't be able to use this widget. If it stays this size I will use the old one instead. Please can you review the size of the widget and perhaps create a "compact view" option that only has bare minimum functionality. I can see that space can be saved; for instance the task and company title takes up a huge amount of space – this could be made much smaller. The button for "Add time manually" could be smaller, the recorded time log is not essential, etc.

    There are a few other UI issues, but the two above are critical for me. Thanks for the effort and some of the new features but please can you look at these. Thanks.

  • Heidi

    It would be ideal if you could add an attachment AND send a message with it that gets posted to PWF AND sent via email.

    • Julian Stone

      Agree… I'll add this to the ideas list for one of the upcoming updates 😉

  • Bec

    I love the widget, however its a little bugging, and doesn't always load all tasks that should be visible. (ie. These tasks are still active, and not complete)

  • Bre

    I'm sure the new improvements work for others, but I really dont like this!! The main problem being that once I start the timer, I like to be able to toggle between projects and tasks, but now I cant!! Also, I like to fill in the notes area while the timer is ticking (pretty much right away), but now I have to wait until I stop the timer, and then the notes section pops up. SOOOO INCONVENIENT. I'm really annoyed. Is there a way to go back to the older widget??