Widget – You spoke, we listened! Here you go!

January 9, 2012

We’ve  had some great feedback from our users on the new widget we released over the Christmas break. If you haven’t yet tried this, download a copy from here:


Here’s some of the customer suggestions we’ve been able to include in the latest update…

Client Dropdown!

A large number of users wanted another dropdown to choose the client first, then filter the project list. Done and dusted!


Changes to Task View screen

There’s a few changes on this screen, all designed to get you more efficient!

  • Default to Time tab!
    To make it faster to get to time tracking, when you view a task it’ll default to the ‘Time’ tab.
  • Project List Icon
    We’ve moved the project list icon (4x bars) to the right to make it a little clearer.
  • Minimized (Slim) view!
    People told us they didn’t like the size of the widget when time tracking so we shrunk it! Just click the minimize icon and you’ll get a tiny version – sweet!


Here’s the slim view of the widget!image

Hyperlink removed!

There was a link on the ProWorkflow.com text so if you dragged the widget it would keep opening the ProWorkflow website. We’ve removed this link.


Cancel Time Record!

There was no way to cancel a time record when started, so we added a ‘Delete Record’ link to this view below.


Default Start View!

Our users wanted to be able to start on different views, ie: Search, Choose Task etc so we’ve added these as options.


Keep the ideas coming!

We’ll get focussed on finishing V8 now but we’re still wanting to hear ideas for the Widget and let if know if you find any issues. We can push out updates quickly if needed.  😉

  • Matt

    One thing I have been wishing for in the widget is the ability to pause a timer, as opposed to just stopping it, and starting a new timer.