Great comment!

April 19, 2012

I wanted to share a comment sent to us recently that summed up what the ProWorkflow product and team are all about.

“So far, you have the best app on the market from what I can see.  Your competitors are focused on foo foo next gen company model bells and whistles while your product is based on real world business flow from nuts and bolts businesses.”

This has always been our philosophy. To simply create a good tool to do the job well. Whilst we do use cool technology at times, we’re more focused on just making sure customers can get their work done efficiently.

  • Chris

    I thought there were rumors of a new version being release. Has this happened?

    • Julian Stone

      We're pretty close to launching. Just going through final testing now.

      • Josh

        What is the current status of the update, and when can we expect a release?

        • Julian Stone

          Hi Josh,
          Our beta account users went live on V8 this week. We're just ironing out a few small things they spotted, then next week we're planning the rollout process. If you contact us next week on the usual support email we'll let you know if you can be upgraded at that time.

          – Julian

          • Jann

            Hi Julian, what about new users, should one rather wait until V8 is ready?

          • Julian Stone

            You should get into V7 so you get the hang of the system. V8 is pretty similar so you won't have trouble getting around it (quite the opposite). But V8 will be a free upgrade. We're just making sure it's 100% befor putting it on new accounts.

  • Curtis

    Hi Julian, we are not currently using PWF but would like to see the new version (V8). Is there a way for non users to check it out? When?


    • Julian Stone

      The best plan is to sign up for a trial account in a few days and we'll upgrade the trial to V8. It'll be live on the website later next week.