V8 Customer feedback…

November 19, 2012

One of the things we love is feedback from customers. Over the past few months as we’ve been rolling out V8, we’ve received all manner of comments, good, bad, constructive, confusing, helpful etc… Overwhelmingly though it’s been positive. I just wanted to share some of the positive remarks that spurn us on!


“The new version of ProWorkflow is spectacular … first time I can use it, or any other management application, without feeling overwhelmed. Much simpler to use. And I’ve tried two or three dozen competitive programs … your is the best on the market…”
– Rich

“Aw man this new version is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome. I really appreciate that I can search for a project and it will pop up underneath like auto-complete. Give a pat on the back to the people that made this happen Lara, we are really impressed with the new implementation.”
– Larry

“Hey really nice – you’re lucky you’re not here because there’d be some kissing going on ….”
– Bob

“So far, you have the best app on the market from what I can see.  Your competitors are focused on foo foo next gen company model bells and whistles while your product is based on real world business flow from nuts and bolts businesses.”
– Tim

“Wow, this is the BEST thing I’ve ever seen like ever, you guys are amazing. If I were your boss I would send you all to Vegas no expense spared.”
– Anon

"First off, I just want to say that I’ve been testing over 8 different CRM solutions and this is BY FAR the best, simplest, most customizable solution that I’ve seen. All the others are just too complicated and have too many features that I can’t turn off. It’s pretty fast too."
– Miguel

"Thanks Julian! Congrats on V8. You guys have done a fantastic job. We’re loving the changes. "
– Jonathan

“By the way, awesome job on the redesign of the software ! V8 looks amazing. The new look was the final touch for us to join!”
– Nicholas

“Just a very quick glance has already put a smile on my face from the ease of use and interface.”
– David

“I’ve said it before but will say it again – PWF is the perfect fit for us and it just does what it says on the box ! I also must commend your support team – they’ve listened to bugs/suggestions/queries from a relative newbie to the space, and they’re top notch….they return emails and calls within a day or two and call me here in Australia to discuss things – don’t know many others who do that. I’m happy to be a beta tester and have some thoughts on what would help make PWF rise even higher :)”
– Paul

“I must admit, all the team have been fantastic and would recommend the company to anyone”
– Laurie

“But your V8 PWF app beats them hands down on the UI just no competition and i have checked maybe a dozen PM tools out there now! The feedback from our clients has been very positive on V8. You really have created something very special here, very intuitive UI.”
– Anon

“The V8 release is great, definitely a big step up. When I was looking at Project Management software, I came down to Workflowmax and ProWorkflow as they were both fairly good and NZ based. ProWorkflow was a fair bit ahead of Workflowmax then, but I think you’ve opened the gap significantly now.”
– Matt

"I just wanted to let you guys know that we are REALLY digging Version 8 now that we’ve used it for a couple of days. Really slick usage, natively much faster and more intuitive across the board. The drag and drop task reordering is just plain awesome!"
– David

“I’ve just had a really productive meeting with one of our Major Clients and showed them ProWorkflow version 8, they loved it!”
– Jason

“LOVE LOVE LOVE Proworkflow – would be lost without it and LOVE v8! :)”
– Hayley

“PWF is amazing and your team is incredible!”
– Shon

“V8 looks amazing! Great improvements!”
– Rick

“Enjoying PWF, great work on V8 it’s made a huge difference for us.”
– Sarah

"Thank-you for your response & love your V8 software! I’ve used many cloud based software and this is my first night trying it, its pleasant to use and very well coded :)"
– Ben

“Just wanted to let you know how great the new interface is! You really made it easier to understand. Can’t wait to start working with it.”
– Bennett

“Awesome job on V8. It is fast, clean, and powerful. We love the new changes! I’m super excited about using task templates now. It’s going to make our lives so much easier. Thanks for all your work. You guys can be very proud of the final product.”
– Jonathan

“I am one of the lucky ones to be using V8 – its good people, really very good. Usable, fast and with some very nice improvements. Julian and the Team have release they can be proud of. It was worth the wait.”
– Grant

“Love the V8 changes, my team have already started using PWF much more just because it looks great”
– Immersion

“Love the new interface! And much faster too. Thanks for the upgrade!”
– Jason

“Staff here love it. Implementation has been easy and only 2 staff have pushed back…. And that’s because they are lazy and know it will show them up!”
– Peter

“Good surprise since I have just logged back in. V8 looks great and easy to navigate thanks for this.”
– Rogan

“V8 is a great improvement, especially the overall layout and navigation – good job done, refreshing.”
– Harraj

“I LOVE the new interface!”
– Angies

“I’ve been perusing the ProWorkFlow blog and new videos and am super excited about V8! I am definitely interested in upgrading early if possible. We’ve been using ProWorkFlow for a few months now and it’s been fantastic and V8 seems to take it to a whole new level.”
– Anon

And these comments have come in over the past few months…


“For your reference, I researched many other online ‘project management systems’ last year, and ProWorkflow has been the most ‘user friendly’ system by about a million miles in my opinion!  So thanks for a great system and all the hard work.”
– John

“Hi, email people with good news, never, its normally to moan and groan, however we thought we would say that we have now been using the software for a couple of months, and it is BRILLIANT, exactly what we were looking for, superb service, keep up the good work.”
– Craig

“Thanks, Julian. Looks very cool. ProWorkflow has already changed our lives here!”
– Anon

“I really, really do think you guys have done a great job. I do understand the capability of the software and I would be happy to refer it to companies that I work with in future.”
– Peter

“As I have said before the responsiveness of you and your team is awesome – you have a really good bunch of people.”
– Grant

“Here at USC we are beginning to feel a wow factor with respect to ProWorkflow’s customer service team! I heartily thank you for the wonderful response to my first real issue!”
– Larry

“Overall your team is brilliant and I cannot recommend highly enough everyone I have been dealing with and they have been extremely professional. Best value for money on the market. GUI is great and quite simple to use, only have had to refer to videos on  a few occasions”
– Laurie

“I’ve been looking for a comprehensive program that would allow me to track all aspects of our business, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about your product.”
– Diane

“Thanks Richard!  Really appreciate your help and super quick replies!  We were talking in the office about how great the service from PWF is – it’s very refreshing!”
– Voodoo

“After almost going down the costly bespoke software route we found ProWorkflow, and what a find!  A Service that not only does its job, but does it spectacularly.  With the apparent obsessive desire to produce and support the best software on the market, credit has to be given to the people at ProWorkflow for a brilliant  solution”
– Craig