Integration Tip

April 15, 2014

Perhaps one of the most widely used methods of iFrames in ProWorkflow is embedding your ‘’ Account Folder into ProWorkflow Projects on the Project Details Page.

Example of Box in PD Page



For those unfamiliar with embedding Box iFrames in ProWorkflow, here’s a simple tutorial showing you how:

Go into the designated folder in and click ‘More’, then select ‘Share’ and ‘Embed into Your Site’.

Box Folder Edited

Select your preferred Size, View, Sorting and Theme then copy the Embed Code shown below…


Click ‘Edit Project’ in ProWorkflow, go to the Description tab and click ‘Source’ then paste the highlighted embed code into the Project Description text field

Edit Project Edited

Click Finish Now


Virtually any website or web content can be loaded into your ProWorkflow Project Description using an iFrame.

iFrames are widely used across a range of different apps for embedding purposes. Therefore the same process applies to a variety of other tools as well, such as YouTube, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Jira etc.