ProWorkflow and Zapier!

July 23, 2014

imageWe are proud to announce the release of ProWorkflow on! Zapier allows you to integrate ProWorkflow with over 300+ online tools without having to know anything about the code behind it. This can create huge value for ProWorkflow users! Here’s a few examples…

We are at ‘Invitation Only’ stage currently, so if you want to use Zapier and ProWorkflow, please get in touch and we’ll invite you and help get you started.


Shopify to ProWorkflow

imageWhen an order is submitted and paid through Shopify, a new Project is automatically created in ProWorkflow.

shopify to proworkflow thumbnail

The trigger is receiving the paid order, while the action creates a new Project.

If you want to get started, jump on and get connected! Don’t know where to begin? Here are few more examples:

Salesforce to ProWorkflow a new Contact is created in Salesforce, the same Contact will be created in ProWorkflow.

salesforce to proworkflow thumbnail

Gmail to ProWorkflow

imageEmail in new Tasks without having to log into ProWorkflow!

gmail to proworkflow thumbnail

JotForm to ProWorkflow

imageA Sales form filled out by your Clients submitted in JotForm can trigger a new Project in ProWorkflow. One less step!

jotform to proworkflow thumbnail

ProWorkflow to Google Calendar

imageWhen a Project is created in ProWorkflow, an Event will be added in Google Calendars to keep dates synchronized.

proworkflow to google calendar thumbnail

ProWorkflow to JIRA 6.x

imageCreating a new Task in ProWorkflow can trigger an new Issue in JIRA – that’ll keep the developers happy!

proworkflow to JIRA thumbnail

ProWorkflow to QuickBooks Online

imageInvoices generated in ProWorkflow can trigger the same Invoice to be created in QuickBooks Online.

proworkflow to quickbooks online thumbnail

ProWorkflow to MailChimp

imageA New Contact in ProWorkflow can also be added in your Mail Chimp mailing list.

proworkflow to mailchimp thumbnail

ProWorkflow to SugarCRM

imageFollow up on new Contacts in ProWorkflow as a Task is triggered in SugarCRM.

proworkflow to sugarcrm thumbnail

ProWorkflow to Mobyt SMS

imageKeep updated on Projects and Tasks via SMS! A Text Message can be sent directly to your mobile device when new Projects or Tasks are created.

proworkflow to mobytsms thumbnail

If you need some help getting started, please get in touch and our chief Zapper will get in touch!