New Quotes Layout! Teaser!

November 27, 2014

We recently gave you a teaser about the new Invoice Emulator and now it’s turn for the Quotes Emulator.

This means you will be able to compare the new layout with the old and also export a PDF if you want to send the Quote to your clients. The old layout will still appear on the Quotes page, but you can pop over to the ‘Emulator’ page if you want to access the new look.

Here’s the new style:


We worked hard to design a clean layout that would work with the variety of quotes data that customers enter. We just wanted a simple clean design.

How do I see the new quotes?

To access the new Quotes Emulator tool, when logged into ProWorkflow, just add the following to your account URL:  /quotes/emulator.cfm


When you go to that link, you’ll see the emulator page. Just choose a quote and you’ll see it in both the old and new design! If you like, you can make a PDF of the new quote design and send to your client.

Please use the ‘Send Us Feedback’ link in the emulator and give us your thoughts!


When is it coming?

We are putting out the new Invoice plugin as a whole in Q1, 2015 (or Q2 latest). We are aiming to release upgrades to both the Invoice and Quotes plugins at the same time.

In the meantime we’ll leave the emulator in place for both so you can still send the new invoices out if you like.