How Profitable Are Your Projects?

April 17, 2015

It can often be hard to tell, especially if your accounting data is spread out across different platforms.

It doesn’t have to be that hard!
In fact, with ProWorkflow’s Profitability Report, making sure that you’re making money has become difficulty-free. Whether you’re after a quick overview of Projects from a particular client or you’d like to get right down to the details and get a Task by Task run-down based on Task and Staff rates respectively.

Profitability App

Our Profitability report offers a wide range of options for filtering your data, from the broad strokes of Project Categories down to specific task statuses.
Being able to apply this versatility to all your Project data in one place makes this report an accounting force to be reckoned with!

So the next time you’re wondering how Profitable your Projects are you can go ahead and find out, the easy way! Check out the video below to find out more.
Or you can try it yourself Here.

If you have any questions about the profitability app or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!