Coming Soon: File Storage Integrations!

May 28, 2015

The guys have been busy in the ProWorkflow Dev Cave and we’re excited to announce that integrations with Dropbox, Box and Google Drive are close to release!


What does this mean for you? It means more collaboration, more transparency and more efficiency.

You’ll be able to view, share and grab the larger files from your storage solution directly from any Project Details page.

We’ve also made a few tweaks so that soon, all integration setup will be found on one simple, easy-to-manage page in the Settings tab. This sets the tone for the next lot of integrations we’re working on.


We are aiming to release these integrations in the coming weeks, stay tuned for more updates on the blog or facebook!


    This should be a big plus that will help the under-served file storage plan.

  • I'm liking it 🙂
    Are there plans for Hightail?

  • Can I clarify, will this mean that contractors will upload their files to us through PWF but it then delivers it onto say Dropbox ? At the moment I've changed our way of doing it by using a direct Dropbox uploader through a 3rd party as I had a lot of people having issues uploading through PWF direct.