Coming Monday! The New Quotes and Invoicing Rebuild!

June 25, 2015

As you all would be aware we’ve been working hard on the Quotes and Invoicing sections. The way you create and view invoices and quotes has been completely rebuilt.

When is it here?
This will be rolled out this weekend and will be live on accounts Monday next week. So this Sunday there may be some downtime during the upgrade.

Need help?
Please watch the videos below to see the changes. We are also scheduling some webinars for you to see more and ask questions.

Register for these here:

Compare Old and New Invoices and Quotes

You’ll find the changes are pretty easy to use and understand. We’re here to help if needed.


Creating an Invoice

View below to see the new way to create invoices. It’s much easier!

  • Robert C.

    Looks great, can't wait to use it. Did you incorporate the ability to have 2 taxes? It doesn't look like it. Having only one tax is one of the most bother features that causes us to do great work arounds when generating an invoice. Thanks!

    • Julian Stone

      Not yet. We want to get this release out and bedded in first. It's a big one. We are planning to look at the double tax at some point but it would have held up this release to do it now.

  • Pablo Molina

    Would it be possible to give the option of choosing Hourly rate or Daily rate? In my industry a lump sum day rate is very common. Thank you

    • Richard

      Hi Pablo, hourly rates are already available, get in touch if you need a hand with using them 🙂