Live! File Storage Integrations!

June 25, 2015

We’re excited to announce that integrations with Dropbox, Box, One Drive and Google Drive are out and live on all accounts!


It’s now easy to be able to deal with huge files in ProWorkflow or access your files on these file storage providers!

To Connect…

To use these, simply head to the ‘Settings > Integration Settings’ page, find your favorite provider and click ‘Connect’. Follow the instructions and you’re nearly done.


The Base Folder…

You will be asked to select a ‘Base Folder’. this is simply the main folder you would keep all your work files for all your projects. Once set, this is the default location when uploading files to projects.

Uploading Files to Projects

When on your project you can either select a folder that’s on your file storage or create a new folder for the project. In both cases you are restricted to only viewing or creating in the base folder.

Note: We are currently preparing some videos to show the process and will upload these tomorrow. Please contact us if you need further info or want to share some feedback.

Here’s a few vids to get you started…


Uploading Files to Dropbox


Uploading files to Box


Uploading files to Google Drive


Uploading files to OneDrive

  • Mike

    Is there anyway to view who has downloaded the files?

    • Julian Stone

      Not in the current release sorry.