Scheduling Vacations in ProWorkflow

August 4, 2015

Need a way to manage when your staff are away from the office? Whether it’s a staff vacation or sick leave, you can manage your staff availability within ProWorkflow.

Create a Project called ‘STAFF OUT OF OFFICE’, and whenever your staff are going out of office, they can set up a task within that Project for the duration of their leave. This will then mark their absence as committed time, so that no tasks can be assigned during that time. You will then be able to better schedule their workload by easily seeing their availability with scheduled leave day displayed as unavailable time.

Another great tool that can be used to compliment the suggestion above is the Availability Checker (this is a free App in our App Store). This tool displays a complete list of time committed to each staff user. This is a quick and easy way to help schedule upcoming work by seeing available hours.