New! Task Progress View!

April 29, 2016

This Monday we are releasing a productivity update to the Project Details page. We have created a new view called ‘Progress’ just above the Task list on a project.

This will allow you to see easily at a glance the progress of your tasks, time spent, time remaining and overdue. Having this more visual will help you have a better overview on the project.



Permissions Note:
At this stage, this view is restricted to only Superusers or Project Managers as it requires the viewing of ALL tasks on a project for accuracy.

Feel welcome to send feedback when you’ve had a play!

  • John Waller

    I applaud productivity updates like this.
    However, based on the screenshot, it seems to be a duplication of the numbers already shown (hours allocated vs spent).
    e.g. Time Alloc 8 hours Time Spent 4 hours = 50%. The bar repeats what the numbers already say.
    This kind of % complete info would be even more useful on the Projects page so we can see total progress on a project (e.g. one bar for total hours alloc/spent for all tasks and another bar for proportion of tasks completed e.g. 10% for 10/100 tasks completed).
    That would provide a useful, high level, at-a-glance summary at project level

    • Thanks for feedback. There’s a few reasons we haven’t gone down that path yet but we’re also just gathering a little more customer feedback as well. Let’s get the PD page sorted first them we’ll pull back to the Projects page.

      • John Waller

        OK. Keep up the good work.

        It’s great to see PWF being actively developed. That’s one of the reasons why we use it.

  • Mathew Yanez

    I agree totally with John’s comments, the new task progress is great but displayed as a % would be more useful and a % complete of overall project even better. When I am sitting in a meeting looking at 50 different projects I want to be able to quickly see how far along each project is compared to a week or a month ago.
    Great progress however! Keep it up.