Project Details page refreshed!

April 13, 2016


This coming Monday you will notice a few changes to the Project Details page. This is part of a series of UI/UX updates we’re working on designed to make the app cleaner, simpler, easier on the eye but still have the current level of functionality.

These changes may seem minor, but small irritants in the UI can become an annoyance over time which nobody wants! We want to make your experience smoother!


The most noticeable change is the header on the page. We have cleaned this up so it matches other styles and is easier to understand. Some of the other subtle changes include:

  • Restyled entire header section
  • Made ‘Edit Project’ and ‘Active/Complete’ functionality clearer
  • Added large company avatar
  • Widened right column
  • Improved look of right side all modules
  • Moved ‘Project Module’ settings to ‘Edit project’
  • Lightened modules when they’re empty
  • Redesigned Contacts module (Using Avatars)
  • Simplified modules (When no data added)
  • Replaced all GIF icons with faster, cleaner Icon fonts
  • Flattened all button styles
  • Restyled ‘Drag/Drop’ contact to task buttons
  • And many small CSS changes


As always we are open to feedback. We are currently open to ideas related to UI/UX as we want to make the app friendlier and easier to adopt. Whether you have big or small ideas, drop us an email, we’ll love to hear your thoughts or comment on this post so others can discuss.

More coming soon!