PWF Quick Tip – Calendar Page View

February 22, 2018

Got a busy schedule coming up and want to know what’s coming up this month?

The Calendar Page in ProWorkflow has just what you need – with both a Month View and List View option, you will be able to see exactly what’s to come for you and your team’s busy schedule!

Once logged into ProWorkflow:

  • Click on the “Time” tab at the top to be navigated to the Timesheet Page.
  • Then click on the “Calendar Page” tab at the top.
  • Here you have a Month View of all Projects and Tasks – you can also change this to the List View by clicking “List View” to change your preview.




The calendar view allows you to see all your Projects and Tasks Start and Due dates.

Take advantage of this feature by also using filters that are available in the top left corner by clicking “Open Filters” – this allows you to change the information that is displayed on the Calendar.

Note: You can also print this calendar preview.



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