Why we Love the GDPR!

May 29, 2018

Read Time: 2 Minutes 🕒

The General Data Protection Regulation

The hottest topic in the business world right now; you should have received a number of emails from companies asking you to review their privacy policies. The GDPR is a new law that applies to all EU citizens, however it isn’t limited to just Europe. The GDPR reaches a worldwide audience, as companies from all over the world need to follow these new rules if they have dealings with EU citizens. The new law has officially kicked in on the 25th of May 2018, and we wanted to shine some light on a few critical points and positives that the GDPR is bringing us!

Firstly, a couple of things to note:

• Pre-ticked boxes don’t count anymore.

• Consent, this can’t be buried under thousands of terms.

• Making someone hand over more personal information in exchange for extra features or information is not allowed.

ProWorkflow takes your data security very seriously, and we care about your privacy as much as you do! The GDPR is an excellent step towards a global standard of data protection laws, making everyone’s personal data safer than ever before.

We gain relationships and better transparency

We can demonstrate to our customers that we care and are looking after your data! And at any time you have the right to access and erase any of your personal information/data. If any data is incorrect, you also can ask for the correction or deletion of your data, giving you full control of your personal digital footprint.

A chance to refresh our procedures

This is an excellent chance for us to review the way we do things and bring you better-curated content. Ensuring that all our processes are up to scratch and is a great way for our staff, customers, and supporters to be on the same page and understand how we do things!

Your inbox is going to be clean!

If you weren’t already are, your inbox is going to become a whole lot cleaner. Less junk means more quality content you care about and actually want to see!

We’ve told you now and we’ll repeat it whenever given the chance: we love the GDPR and what it means for data security. More importantly, we love how it helps our clients feel more secure in having their data with ProWorkflow!


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