Proworkflow new dashboard

Another V9 update: Small changes, big impact.

September 23, 2019

When we did our big V9 update last month, we pledged it wasn’t the end of the Proworkflow improvements we had in the pipeline for you. Today, we are making good on our promise. We’re introducing some small changes that can make a big difference to your ProWorkflow experience. 

Invoices update

The improvement we made to Invoices are the most likely to catch your eye. From now on, once invoices have been marked as paid in your integration provider (Quickbooks Online, Xero, MYOB, Freshbooks and Kashflow), you have the option to automatically have them marked as paid in ProWorkflow at the same time. No need to select each invoice anymore, in just one click you’re done and you can get back to the work you’d much rather be doing! 

The small things matter

On top of that, we have made some smaller changes that we think will get your tick of approval. 

  • On the off-chance you forgot to assign an invoice to a Project, it’s now easy to just add it from the Project Details Page. 
  • There’s no more scrolling down to the bottom of the list in search of your favorite projects on the Timesheet page. From now on, they’ll be happily sitting at the top of the list. 
  • Got a new team member and want to assign them to the same work as an existing user? Consider it done with this new option in the Reassignment Tool. 
  • We heard you when you said you wanted to make sure extra safety was built-in when completing a Project and deleting Bookmarks or Shared Notes. From now on you’ll get confirmation prompts before you wave them goodbye. 
  • And finally, we’ve added contact avatars for upcoming tasks on the homepage, sorting by last-updated date for the Shared Notes and we’ve updated homepage icons and our loading spinner so they use your custom colors so it really feels like home. 

So, is that it? 

No, of course not. Watch out for more ProWorkflow quality of life improvements we are working on. We are committed to taking your feedback on board and making ProWorkflow even more of a breeze to work with.  

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