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Outlook Project Management Software Integration: Meet the New Outlook Add-in.

January 24, 2020

Outlook Project Management Software Add-In

Last week we gave you a glimpse into the updates we have planned for the first half of 2020. But what we didn’t mention was that we already released a new feature that many of you will be thrilled to hear about. 

Meet the new ProWorkflow Outlook Add-in. 

Just before the end of 2019, ProWorkflow added a native solution in the form of a project management Outlook plugin, which allows you to easily create tasks from emails in Outlook. 

No need to go from platform to platform when you receive a client email requiring you to update or set-up a new task. As long as the project has already been created in the ProWorkflow tool, the Outlook plugin automatically populates tasks from the email in a couple of clicks. 

Is this for you? (Compatibility)

Our new Outlook Add-in is available to all our subscribers from a Proworkflow point of view.

As for compatibility, you’ll need to be on the latest version of Outlook for Windows or Mac.  The Outlook Add-in is also available through Office Web.

Before you get going.

It’s very easy to add the app from the ‘Get Add-ins’ which you can select from the ‘More Actions’ drop-down from any email in Outlook.  After installing, you’ll find the ProWorkflow logo at the top of each email.

Also, grab the app from here.

Create a New Task.

The Outlook project management add-in helps you create tasks from emails in Outlook. 

No need to switch platforms when an email informs you to create a new task. The Outlook Add-inautomatically populates tasks from the email in a couple of clicks. 

  • Open an email in Outlook, from which you want to create a task.
  • Click on the ProWorkflow icon.
  • Select “New Task” from the list.
  • Type in the Project you want to create the task for. 
  • Start entering and/or editing auto-populated details.

A task is immediately created in the ProWorkflow tool.

Update a Task.

It’s also very easy to update start and due date, task descriptions and the allocated time for an existing task without having to switch to the ProWorkflow tool. 

  • Click on the ProWorkflow icon in the email.
  • In the drop-down select “Search. ”
  • Enter the name of the task.
  • Begin editing the task.

Your edits are immediately synced with the ProWorkflow tool.

As always, for help and suggestions, feel free to contact our Support Team.