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What a Year It Was – And 2022 Will Be Even Better

December 14, 2021

We wish all of our customers a wonderful and happy holiday season and new year. 2021 was certainly a challenging, exciting year, and as a company we grew in profound ways and met challenges head one. Now, we will take what we have learned in the past few years and apply it to creating an even better company that more efficiently serves and cares for our customers.

Just as consumers around the world came to understand how they rely on global supply chains for meeting their daily living needs, we understand more clearly how ProWorkflow has become a daily expectation for many of you, our clients; once you know what to expect, life becomes that much easier as a result. Logging in every morning has become a cornerstone of your day, and being something that you depend on for your livelihood is a role we’re immensely proud of. Staying in line with your expectations has always been critically important to us, and keeping up with your expectations is what motivates us to get up each morning.

In 2021, We Worked Hard for You

We implemented many major improvements at ProWorkflow last year, and our commitment to continual improvement hasn’t changed. This year saw server migrations to the Azure platform and a full domain update that changed the method used to access PWF for people all over the world.

While these changes might not quite grab headlines, they’ve facilitated changes that you will appreciate, like the recent update to the profile menu. This menu, as well as the domain change, helps make our tools more accessible to you than ever.

The new profile menu provides a glimpse at what we see as the future of ProWorkflow. The data explorer option is in its infancy, and it is one of the first tools we’re giving to you in the name of total information control. This power of variety, modularity, and customisation is something we are extending across our entire product and gives you an idea of what’s to come!

In September, ProWorkflow was selected to become a Microsoft Partner. As part of that partnership, we are looking at different ways that we can put this partnership to work for you. Through this newly formed partnership, we were asked to apply for Microsoft NZ Partner awards in the Emerging SaaS category and we are thrilled to announce that we are a 2021 finalist!

We’d also like to give a bit of love to those who regularly attend our webinars. Although each topic targets a different group, some of you have been coming in regardless of the topic, and we really do notice! While we may not be in a position to reward this, we have come up with an amusing way to give out some recognition to our power users this year. Keep an eye out for messages regarding ProWorkflow Awards — You just might be the one who wins!

But Wait – Even More is Planned for 2022

Here is what we have planned for 2022. We’ll go into detail on each of these in special updates as the year gets underway:

  • Brand new website.
  • Exciting changes to the ProWorkflow app that will improve workflows. Customers will be able to create custom views and set the workflow up in the same way their organisation runs.
  • Changes that would permit ultimate information control for our customers.

In summary, ProWorkflow is eternally grateful to both for our dedicated customer and our hard-working teams. We’ve had some amazing ideas, record low churn, and incredible client engagement. Thanks, everyone, for making it all happen, and we look forward to a new year of excitement and hope.