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ProWorkflow improvements! Zapier and Reporting

What have the team at ProWorkflow been improving?

With a New Year firmly underway we wanted to let you, our customers know what the team have been working on.

The support team have updated some options in Zapier, the tool which can be used to connect your ProWorkflow account to other software.

Our developers have updated the back-end of our software in preparation for a reporting upgrade this year.

Zapier Updates

The support team have added some new features to Zapier with the assistance of our CTO, Richard who managed to make some great improvements.

You can now:



  • Search for companies.
  • See existing General Tasks and Project categories are now automatically pulled through to the Zap when making a new General Task or Project.
  • Add additional contacts to tasks and projects without having to replace (as with “Update Project” or “Task”).
  • Add Shared Project Notes.



Background changes & reporting improvement plans

Our developers have been working on writing the code for a new reporting area.

You won’t have noticed any changes yet, but we have updated some of our software to allow data to be managed using a different method. This has allowed us to do a lot of the preparation for the roll out in advance – as well as our usual testing.

A benefit of this is that we are futureproofing ourselves – these changes will allow us to stay at the leading edge of our industry.

We can’t give you an idea of timeframe at this stage (due to the complexity of the changes being made), but we can tell you that our developers are all working hard and have been making good progress.

When we are ready to release this blog will be updated, so subscribe here if you’d like to be kept up to date.


If you have any questions or run into any problems, let the  ProWorkflow Support Team know and we’ll help from there.

New Mobile Web App!

We’re excited to announce the beta launch of our new mobile web app!!


This update brings many more ProWorkflow features on your smartphone or and an updated interface that makes it easy to use when you aren’t at your desk.

How can we use it?

To access the app, open the web browser on your smartphone and enter then enter your Account URL, Username and Password to login.



Alternatively, click the Beta link on the current mobile webapp:


What has changed?

We’ve brought all your favorite PWF features into the palm of your hand. You can now create, edit and update your Projects, Tasks and Time directly from your smartphone.

See what’s important now and in the future with our calendar view showing you start and due dates.


Create Projects directly in the app, and view the information you need with either simple or detailed view.


Reply simply with conversations, adding files directly from your phone.


Message2 Message3

Get straight to what you need by scrolling the navigation bar shown above on the base.

And  much more including the ability to view completed Projects, Track Time, and for our Advanced Plan the ability to view and edit custom forms:


Can I save the app to my home screen?

There will still be minor changes for the weeks to come before we add it to the Apple iTunes Store and Android marketplace.

For now:

iOS Users

If you are on an iPhone or iPad, the app can be saved to your homepage by tapping the share icon and then ‘Add to Home Screen’.


Android Users

If you are on an Android device the app can be saved to your homepage by clicking the menu button and then ‘Add to Home Screen’.

We are still improving

We wanted to get the app into your hands as soon as possible, however some features such as Quotes and Invoices are still being created. We are also planning a version for larger tablets and iPads.

If you prefer the old application, it’ll still be available for a while, it can be accessed using “/m” as normal.

We’d love to hear feedback!

Burn, the latest Task setting – a hot new feature!

imageWhat is being added?

Our development team have been working hard on a heavily requested feature – the ability to set and monitor hourly rates for Projects and Tasks.

We have calculated burn by taking the set hourly rate and then multiplying this with the time allocated to a task.

If you would like to invoice directly from a Project in ProWorkflow you can choose to auto-populate the invoice with the task rate and tracked time (as long as invoices are enabled on your account).

Note: This has been released!

How do I see these settings?

To be able to see the often confidential information that will be stored in this area, staff users will need to have “Sensitive Business Information” ticked in “Users & Permissions”.

You’ll be able to use some of the features of Project burn even if Quotes and Invoices aren’t activated, although feel free to contact us if you’d like to activate these features.

The tabs against a project have been visually improved as well, with the addition on the “Burn” option.

Tasks with new look and Burn

How can I use this update?

To get the most out of this update, you’ll need to enter your hourly rates within a new setting called “Hourly services”.

Hourly Services will be found in multiple locations:

● Settings > Hourly Services

● Invoices > Settings > Hourly Services

● Quotes > Settings > Hourly Services

Hourly Settings

If you make a change in any one of these areas, it will synchronize across all of the others.

Tasks and their templates have added options to include financial information. You can do this one at a time, by expanding the individual task’s arrow

Single Task Expanded

If you have multiple tasks that you’d like to edit on a task template, then there’s an easy way of doing this with the “Assign Hourly Service” tool.

Assign hourly service

The result of entering this information is that you can have an overview, once your staff begin to add time. You can quickly see when a task has gone over, under or met budget

Burn tab view

If you use our invoicing function, you will be able to create an invoice from the project which will include the task rate and hours.


Burn data can only be displayed within the Project Details page currently, however we are working on our reporting as a separate update which will include updates for these new features.

We hope you like it! As always feel welcome to send through feedback. :-)

New Email Notifications!


SNAGHTML20c44f6From this Monday – July 18th 2016, the look and information around notifications with ProWorkflow will change!

This update is based on customer feedback from those who wanted to be able to make their notifications simpler with options to keep different people up to date.

What is changing?

We are replacing the “Settings > Email Alerts Settings/Builder” pages with a simpler page called “Settings > Notifications“!

Notifications settings page

Improvements in group notifications!

Previously you could only notify “Assignee” or “Creator”, now you can keep Staff, Clients, Contractors and Managers updated automatically!

As the notifications will have the option to go to your clients, you can add your company signature to keep the professional yet personalized look.

The content and types of emails that are sent have now been simplified and standardized, with a key change being able to see when Project or Task details are modified

Note: This does not include “Description” or “Custom Forms”.


Summary emails!

We also wanted to stop sending multiple emails, so now you will find that when changes or summaries are sent of projects and tasks, you’ll get just the one summary email!


What do I need to do?

This coming Monday, for you to get the most out of this update your administrator should look over your new Notification Settings page.

We will have changed the options which do the same things for you i.e. if you have all notifications set to off they will remain off.

If you have enabled or disabled alerts, it will set them as the same, but with different groups:

● Assignee will be selected for Staff, Clients and Contractors.

● Creator will be replaced by Manager.

There are some new options, which you might want to look at and see which groups you would like to notify.

If you get stuck or have questions, please contact us!


Single Sign On Integrations with ProWorkflow

The dev team have been hard at it again! The integrations just keep flowing from our developers – this time we’re proud to add a pretty exciting extension category added to the tool.
If you’re a big fan of Single Sign On, you’ll already know how fantastic the service is, if you’re not a big fan however – it’s probably more likely you’ve never heard of it, because it’s terrific. In this post we’ll explain Single Sign On, how it affects you, how SSO integrates with our tool and how to implement it.

Sounds cool, what is it?

Do you have too many logins and passwords for all the different services that you use?

SSO integration will be a good way of spring cleaning all of those hard to remember details, because for the services that are linked – there is just a single sign on username and password to remember.  We’re using a common way of talking to other providers called SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) to securely log you into our software.

This will allow you to log into your 3rd party application e.g. Google and link it to your ProWorkflow login – Saving you time and mental storage space.

Ok but is it easy for me to set up?

You’ll need to pick which 3rd party login software that you’d like to use. As of this updates publish date there are four:

  • Azure
  • Google
  • Okta
  • OneLogin

All you’ll need to do to set this up is go to the integrations settings page


Following some of the easy setup instructions as in the example below for Google – be sure to follow the steps in your own integration area. Please don’t use any of the example data shown below


…and we’re set for sign in!

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this latest update and remember: you don’t need to be Steve Wozniak or Bill Gates to take advantage of this great new integration if you feel it will benefit your company.

The setup process in ProWorkflow for this integration is simple to follow and if you do need help, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or contact our Support Team.

As always stay tuned for more announcements right here on our blog, if you haven’t already done so remember you can also stay informed by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter.

Note: If you don’t currently have a ProWorkflow subscription and wish to try the above integrations, signing up for a trial is easy! Head to our trial page or click here.