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Case Study - Euphoria Telecom

Read Euphoria Telecom's thoughts on ProWorkflow's project tracking software

Your CompanyEuphoria Telecom
LocationSouth Africa
Industry/sCloud hosted VoIP PBX Providers
Length of time using PWF3 months

The Challenge…


What made you start looking for a project management tool?

We needed a system that could manage our sales that come through to admin and then to production. We have many important steps that need to be followed ensuring that our customers get the best service.


We have tried many Project Management systems but ProWorkflow offered everything we have been looking for. We have a good overview of the stages a project is in with categories we have created. The task templates allow us to include every step and ensures nohting is forgotten. By adding our sales team as the ‘customer’ we can communicate with them at all times and they can update their customers accordingly.


Another great feature that we love is that we are able to customise our users access and capabilities on the system.


How many other options did you consider?

At least 4-7 other tools!


The Solution…


What was it that made you choose ProWorkflow?

We chose it because it had integrated time tracking, contractor logins and project templates.


How easy was it adapting to using ProWorkflow?

Firstly the customer service, we recieved answers to our questions quickly and efficiently. The sales process was smooth and all our questions were answered. The layout of the Project Page was big reason as we were looking for something that gave us a good overview.


The fact that ProWorkflow is developing apps, we wanted to use a product that we knew is being worked on and improving all the time.

The site is also easy on the eye and makes it very easy to use.


How easy was it adapting to using ProWorkflow?

In the past it took at least two months to implement a new system and even then it was not working optimally for us. With ProWorkflow we were up and running within a week . Once all the templates are in place it just works and very little maintenance is required.


How has ProWorkflow brought value to your business?

Euphoria Telecom is all about Customer Service. ProWorkflow allows us to give our customers the best service by processing new sales quickly and efficiently. It also free’s up time and allows us to work with a smaller work force.


How much time do you think ProWorkflow saves you daily, in comparison to old practices?

ProWorkflow saves us about 2 hours a day…


How do you regard PWF in terms of its importance to the running of your business today?

It is important and once integrated with our other key systems will strengthen our overall management suite of software.


From your experience using ProWorkflow is there any advice you could give to prospective users?

If you have any questions just ask. In my experience I wanted features that I thought the system could not do. Think your template through and spend a lot of time on the set up of your account. Once it is done it will only require minor tweeks in the future.


What is your favourite thing about PWF?

Great reporting tools!


How have you found the staff at ProWorkflow?

Very friendly, helpful and personalised customer care.



Batya Blankers, Operations Coordinator

Euphoria Telecom

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