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Case Study - Fourth

Read Fourth's thoughts on ProWorkflow for project management

Your CompanyFourth
LocationLondon, Macclesfield, Connecticut
Number of employees300
Estimated Client numberWe have processed £6,000,000,000 of purchases 7,100,000 payslips and have 52,001 users
Platforms - OS/ browsers?Windows, IE, Chrome
Length of time using PWF1.5 years

The Challenge…

How did you manage work before ProWorkflow?

Work was managed through a combination of MS Excel, Outlook, and Word. This gave inconsistent approaches to Project Management and allowed individuals to “personalize” their approaches. There was no central control over project volumes, time allocation or task management and no management view of the entire team picture.

What was it that you wanted from a project management tool?

A tool that would allow resource planning based on project tasks and project time allocation as well as an ability to track project performance against revenue realisation. It was important for the application to be SaaS and for it to have a mobile application. Strong and flexible reporting to allow management overview of entire teams together with statistical evaluation for board reporting were also key attributes.

The Solution…

Did you look at any other project management systems?

Yes, about 40!

What was it that made you choose PWF?

It met most of our requirements, the trial and support processes were good and gave confidence in the solution. Finally, the interface seemed the cleanest and easiest to use.

How did you manage the change to a new system?

It was not so much a change as a new way of working. The implementation was smooth and met with little resistance from the teams who now see the system as an invaluable tool.

Are there any measurable values that you can mention in regards to how ProWorkflow has improved your business? (Hours and resource savings, profitability increased by % etc.)

Fixed number of staff despite an increase in the volume of projects and an improvement in the sales process as a result of greater understanding of the actual implementation times.

How do you regard PWF in terms of its importance to the running of your business today?

It is important and once integrated with our other key systems will strengthen our overall management suite of software.

The Day to Day…

What sort of work do you undertake?

Implementation of Hospitality Back Office software (SaaS) to the worldwide hospitality industry.

What is the most common way you access ProWorkflow?

Laptop or mobile device.

What benefits do you find from working in the ‘cloud’?

We produce and sell Web solutions; is there any other way!

From your experience using ProWorkflow is there any advice you could give to other users?

Implement it step by step, don’t try to do everything at once.

Adrian Chalmers, Head of Projects

Fourth Hospitality

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