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Case Study > Inner Circle Media

Case Study - Inner Circle Media

Read Inner Circle Media's thoughts on ProWorkflow's project management software

inner circle media
Your Company Paradigm Creative
Location United Kingdom
Industry/s Creative and Marketing
Platforms - OS/browsers? OSX, Firefox
Length of time using PWF 1.5 years

The Challenge...

What made you start looking for a project management tool?

Our team needed to more effectively manage multiple ongoing projects. We used to use a fairly elaborate system that involved a giant bulletin board with a grid, index cards and multi-colored Sharpies. We used this board to keep track of and prioritize tasks on a weekly basis.

But that didn't give us the big picture--we could see tasks and deadlines for the week, but not necessarily how a delay or priority shift this week could affect our resource load next month when 2 new projects started.

So we needed something that could give us the ability to see both immediate and future tasks and priorities. We also wanted a time tracking system, and the fact that ProWorkflow has integrated time tracking was a huge bonus.

How many other options did you consider?

At least 4-7 other tools!

The Solution...

What was it that made you choose ProWorkflow?

We chose it because it had integrated time tracking, contractor logins and project templates.

How easy was it adapting to using ProWorkflow?

It took a little time for us to customize our project template, decide how detailed to make our tasks (for time tracking), figure out all the reports that made sense for our needs, and to get everyone on board with using it. Once everyone was on board, it was incredibly easy to use.

How much time do you think ProWorkflow saves you daily, in comparison to old practices?

ProWorkflow saves us around an hour a day.

From your experience using ProWorkflow is there any advice you could give to prospective users?

Make sure you and your team go in with a plan, otherwise it's easy to get bogged down with all the options and possibilities. I also recommend starting with general categories for time tracking.

We initially broke down our tasks into many detailed sub-tasks (and sub-sub-tasks), with the hope that it would provide a lot of insight later when we generated time tracking reports (eg. where are we spending too much time, where should we be estimating higher, etc.), but we soon realized it was taking too long to pore through all those options while logging our time (which was making time tracking a laborious and "maybe i'll just wait and do that tomorrow" process), and it didn't provide that much useful information.

What is your favourite thing about PWF?

Great reporting tools!

How have you found the staff at ProWorkflow?

They are super responsive and helpful!


Owen Brown, Producer

Paradigm Creative

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