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Case Study - Lines In Design

Read Lines In Design's thoughts on ProWorkflow for project tracking

Your CompanyLines In Design
LocationTimaru, New Zealand
Number of employees6
Estimated Client number15
Platforms - OS/ browsers?Windows 7, Google Chrome, Mozilla
Length of time using PWF2 years

The Challenge…

How did you manage work before ProWorkflow?

Hand written timesheets and a lot of long hand formal quotations.

What was it that you wanted from a project management tool?

An accurate measure of time and profit/loss on projects.

The Solution…

Did you look at any other project management systems?

Yes, we looked at quite a few.

What was it that made you choose PWF?

LID liked the interface, and the ease of use was fantastic, We liked the feel.

How did you manage the change to a new system?

It was a relatively seamless change to PWF – A small amount of test projects helped the change over. Then we were away.

Are there any measurable values that you can mention in regards to how ProWorkflow has improved your business? (Hours and resource savings, profitability increased by % etc.)

We have gained confidence with project pricing as we can easily print reports off past project for new projects. All our staff now have a “live” knowledge of their project.

How do you regard PWF in terms of its importance to the running of your business today?

Essential to the success of LID !!!!

The Day to Day…

What sort of work do you undertake?

Architectural Drafting & Design – Commercial, Industrial & Residential.

What is the most common way you access ProWorkflow?

Desktop access mostly.

What benefits do you find from working in the ‘cloud’?

Anytime, anywhere access!

From your experience using ProWorkflow is there any advice you could give to other users?

100% recommend PWF to all businesses that want to know how their business is progressing.

Michael Broad, Managing Director

Lines In Design

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