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Case Study - Mann Marketing

Read Mann Marketing's thoughts on ProWorkflow for job management

Your CompanyMann Marketing
LocationChristchurch NZ
Number of employees3
Estimated Client number100
Platforms - OS/ browsers?Windows based PC's and Chrome
Length of time using PWFSince 2007

The Challenge…

How did you manage work before ProWorkflow?

Streamtime, with another company but I was setting up this firm and wanted an online solution so until I found PWF I was using a spreadsheet.

What was it that you wanted from a project management tool?

A quote to invoicing solution, ease of tracking time and wanted it cross platform as I had people that were using macs and some using PC’s

The Solution…

Did you look at any other project management systems?

Streamtime, they were not online at the time and were bloody expensive for what they delivered. I looked at some other online systems but they did not have the end to end solution I was looking for or they didnt have a very good time capture device.

What was it that made you choose PWF?

Online, no upfront money, no software to load, easy to use anywhere on a browser, pay per user, quoting, invoicing, separate time capture device that is really really good…. you need one for the iPhone as well 😉

How did you manage the change to a new system?

Simple …imported the clients and we were away!

Are there any measurable values that you can mention in regards to how ProWorkflow has improved your business? (Hours and resource savings, profitability increased by % etc.)

PWF captures all the time as we can capture as we go with the desktop widget thingy. Works well for our efficiency.

How do you regard PWF in terms of its importance to the running of your business today?

Critical as if I don’t catch the project and the time I don’t get paid!

The Day to Day…

What sort of work do you undertake?

Marketing advice, graphic design and strategy work for clients.

What is the most common way you access ProWorkflow?

Desktop and on the iPad and the widget that captures the time.

What benefits do you find from working in the ‘cloud’?

Always works, easy software that runs everywhere, no fear that I’ll lose data. I have run completely in the cloud since 2007, my phone system 2talk, emails, Google Docs, PWF, Quote Roller for proposals, Xero for accounting, Dropbox for our filing system, iPayroll for the payroll system. I can work from anywhere and the biggest thing is that once I’m set up, I have everything I need… even my meeting notes that are taken on an iPad app are
always synced into the cloud as pdf’s for viewing.

From your experience using ProWorkflow is there any advice you could give to other users?

No other system is as feature rich as PWF, I’ve used most of the features and find them all to save time and/or CAPTURE time to invoice. Use the widget, its the best one out there!

Alex Mann, Director

Mann Marketing

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