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Case Study - Paradigm Creative

Read Paradigm Creative's thoughts on ProWorkflow's project management software

Your CompanyParadigm Creative
LocationUnited Kingdom
Industry/sCreative and Marketing
Platforms - OS/ browsers?OSX, Firefox
Length of time using PWF1.5 years

The Challenge…

How did you manage work before ProWorkflow?

We were growing our business, taking on more, larger projects and working with more people. We were coming from a place of using a paper/spreadsheet based system, for both time/project tracking and billing.

As we scaled the business, this meant we were spending far too much time having to compare paper between the different project leads, it meant each project was tied to a single person, we didn’t have the flexibility we needed to meet our clients needs.

From a quoting and billing point of view – it was difficult to maintain consistency, project cash flows, or even to refer back to previous quotes/invoices that had since been long swallowed up in a colleagues inbox.

How many other options did you consider?

At least 12 other tools!

The Solution…

What was it that made you choose ProWorkflow?

We tried pretty much every other online project management tool we could find over the space of a couple of weeks.

A lot of the solutions seemed to be more focused on specific industries – whereas PWF seemed to have the features we needed, at a price point that didn’t make it a huge upfront investment.

We spent a month trying it out with the free trial, and fired loads of questions over to the support team during that time – all of which got answered really quickly.

How easy was it adapting to using ProWorkflow?

We’d pretty much got up to speed within the free month’s trial – we didn’t particularly have to migrate massive amounts of data; we were starting from scratch. PWF is flexible enough to allow our people to work in the way that’s best for them, whilst still giving us a consistent overview.

How has ProWorkflow brought value to your business?

PWF has saved us time, enabled us to give a better, more consistent level of service to our clients, whilst helping us with managing budgets and making sure we’re in a position to bill promptly for the work we do.

PWF is open all the time – it’s as central to running our business now as email!

How much time do you think ProWorkflow saves you daily, in comparison to old practices?

ProWorkflow saves us about 30 minutes – 1 hour a day.

From your experience using ProWorkflow is there any advice you could give to prospective users?

Firstly – use the free trial; we were using the system full time before the trial had even run out. Second – get in touch with the support guys if you’ve got any questions; they’re really friendly and quick to respond.

What is your favourite thing about PWF?

We love ProWorkflow’s ease of use.

How have you found the staff at ProWorkflow?

The staff at PWF have been great – the support guys were really helpful whilst we were trialling it at the start.

The feedback email that we got through recently was fantastic – we had a really great dialogue with the team about some of the features, niggles and work-arounds that we were dealing with, to have such an open and honest dialogue and input into the development of the platform was great.

We’re a busy company as well, and we totally understand that projects don’t always run on time, that sometimes features have to be prioritized, and that you can’t wave a magic wand to get all the changes you want making over night. Having the conversation to see what is being worked on, to have an idea of what the timeline is, and to know that some of your suggestions are being taken on board is a really great experience.

Owen Brown, Producer

Paradigm Creative

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