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The ProWorkflow brand is based on a few important core elements. We do love the color orange, however there’s more depth to our thinking than just color.

  • The Color Orange!
  • The Logo Cogs
  • The Term “Workflow”


Just as an orange is healthy for your body, the ProWorkflow solution is healthy for your business. The more you use it, the healthier your business will be.
Think of ProWorkflow as ‘Vitamin C’ for your business.
The healthier you are, the more you can handle the world. The healthier your business is, the more load you can take on with your current resources, and the more profitable you will become!


Cogs are a universally accepted icon of productivity. The cogs logo was designed in the shape of New Zealand as this is the home country of the founder, Julian Stone.

Of note is that all servers are at a top datacenter in the USA, and the PWF team are based in both the North and South Island of New Zealand.

The two grey cogs represent the two locations (North and South Island, New Zealand) and the orange cog represents the ProWorkflow software holding our team together and keeping us all running smooth!


Project Management Software and Workflow software come in all shapes and sizes. This isn’t a ‘One Size Fits All’ industry so every day we experience challenges and successes working with companies over the internet to smooth their processes through our ProWorkflow software.

The name ‘ProWorkflow’ came from a very basic premise. From our own past and current businesses we learnt that ‘Professionals need Work to Flow‘ and that ‘Projects need Workflow‘.

We developed ProWorkflow to meet these needs.

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