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“Proactive Software develops world class products based on robust platforms and personal service that are solid, reliable and able to support the needs of our customers.
We strive for the optimum balance between a comprehensive featureset and ease of use for the widest range of customer applications.”

The ProWorkflow solution was developed out of a core need in the founders business. We soon realized others could benefit…

ProWorkflow was created in 2002, back then our focus was to develop a solution that supported our internal workflow and communication needs. Rapid early sales indicated that other companies found the tool helpful in their day to day activities.

The team then worked with the existing customer base to improve the software to meet the needs of the general market space. Development has continued and the ProWorkflow now has a solid international customer base.

In 2003, Proactive Software Limited acquired ProWorkflow. Initially ProWorkflow solution sold as download and is still available as a download under some circumstances, but as the web has developed our preferred method of supply is now software as a service (SaaS).

SaaS enables all information technology issues to be normalised through the user’s browser. Our choice of service providers and management commitment to our service offer a solid and robust platform for the ProWorkflow solution.

ProWorkflow is now a benchmark in the fully featured project management, workflow and time management arena supplied as a SaaS solution. To suit the needs of different customers the solution is available in three plans.

The ProWorkflow solution has enabled many different businesses from many different industries to understand and reduce waste and create efficiencies in their day to day operations.

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