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How Can Production Managers Benefit?

Proworkflow further assists Production Managers to be highly effective and efficient in their roles. Our software offers the solution to managing multiple projects with many employees.

Using the central project pages and timeline, project managers can easily assign projects and tasks and keep track of time tracked and deadlines. The live alerts will keep project managers informed of all activity on projects and tasks.

Benefits to Production Managers

  • Easy recording of work content for various projects
  • Efficient delegation of work to appropriate employees
  • Ability to track work pertaining to various projects, tasks and employees
  • Instant access to current status of projects
  • Access information regarding time spent on projects
  • Provides a means of communication with employees
  • Up to date access to changes and information
  • Live alerts when project and task statuses change
  • Ability to manage contractors
  • Timeline view for resource planning
  • Provision of accurate financial information for budget analysis

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