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A Solution for Creatives

Originally designed ‘by creatives for creatives’, the ProWorkflow solution was developed with the creative industry in mind.

Creative Project Management

The work flow with each Project perfectly suit the needs for those of the Creative industry. From start to finish you will be on top of everything and will have great oversight using ProWorkflow’s easy to navigate interface and powerful features.

Collaborating in the Creative World

File sharing is important to those in the creative industry, and ProWorkflow knows this. That’s why we provide cloud storage with each Subscription, allowing you to upload Files into your Projects and Tasks. You can also share Files using the inbuilt Messaging feature.

Mobile Project Management

Stepping out of the office? Don’t worry, ProWorkflow is going with you. Our Mobile App is available on any smart device so you are never out of reach of your work. View your Projects and Task, Track your Time and even view Files while on the go.

Using Time Creatively

In today’s world time is always of the essence, and with ProWorkflow by your side your time will never be wasted again. Plan out your Projects and Tasks by assigning Start and Due Dates and allocating Time. View Staff Workload and generate Time Summaries to see how they spent their days.

Creative customers such as Advertising Agencies, Graphic Designers, Print Designers, Architects, Multimedia Studios, use our software to:

  • Manage Employees, Clients and Contractors
  • Delegate Projects and Tasks
  • Record and Manage Time Allocated & Spent
  • Analyze Projects and View Reports
  • Maximize Resources with the Timeline
  • View Upcoming Events on the Calendar
  • Work Remotely
  • and much more…

If ever there was an industry that needed a solution to help create efficiencies, it would be the creative industry! Tight deadlines, Info to manage, task control, billing etc, ProWorkflow can come to the rescue!

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