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A Solution for Educational Institutes

ProWorkflow solutions are used by a number of educational organizations to manage internal projects, tasks and timelines.

School and University Projects

From course planning, scheduled maintenance to your school or university campus to school trips, running an Educational institute can be a difficult and time consuming job. ProWorkflow can manage all these Projects from on centralized location. All your Projects will be within easy reach and you will never feel overwhelmed again.

Time is on your side

Your students aren’t the only ones on a Time limit, and ProWorkflow can help keep you to yours. Assign Start and Due dates, allocate Time to your Projects and Tasks and then Track the Time that you spend working on them

School Management is now Mobile

Taken your students on a trip but not sure what todays activities are because you can’t get to a computer? Never fear, ProWorkflow is here. Access your Projects and Tasks from any tablet or smartphone using the ProWorkflow Mobile App and never be left in the dark again.

Student Access

Easily hand out and collect assignments with ProWorkflow. Give your students free access to ProWorkflow by setting them up as Clients. Allocate them homework and Projects to complete and collect their work by having them upload directly into ProWorkflow. Don’t forget to make use of the Due Dates.

School Expenses and Reports

Track your Expenses for each Project using ProWorkflow’s Expenses module. Each Expenses can be logged against the Project it relates too. Then run our in built Reports to collect this data, along with Time and Project information.

Educational business are using ProWorkflow to:

  • Creating e-books
  • Course management/ development
  • Collaboration
  • School/ University activities
  • Orientation
  • Creating teaching materials
  • Enrolments

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