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A Solution for Health Businesses

ProWorkflow solutions are used by a number of health and medical organizations to manage internal projects and tasks.

Healthcare Project Management

Few careers are as stressful as those in the health sector. From keeping the organization in tip top shape to caring for patients you are constantly juggling different Projects. Let ProWorkflow help. We can assist in managing your Projects and Tasks from start to finish and help reduce your stress levels. All Projects are kept in a single location and can be grouped to suit your needs, keeping you on top and ahead.

Keeping Healthcare Secure

We take security seriously, that is why your data is stored at one of the most secure data centres in the world, Microsoft Azure. You can also customize your Users Permissions to make sure that Staff don’t have access to sensitive information, keeping your Clients data safe.

File Management

Upload and store Files with ProWorkflow. Keep you Staff up to date by loading important Files in to the Project. Easily collaborate by sending files using our in built Messaging system. Retrieve older Files from the Files Space Manager. With ProWorkflow your information is always on hand.

Client and Patient Contact Management

Keep Client and patient information on hand with ProWorkflow’s Contacts Manager. Store their phone numbers and email address, upload Profile Pictures and keep important Notes

Mobile Healthcare

Keep up to date with all your work on the go using the ProWorkflow Mobile App. View Projects and Tasks, Track Time and send Messages from any tablet and smartphone.

Other areas ProWorkflow is used in are:

  • Internal Management
  • Scheduling Patient visits
  • Allocating Work to Remote Staff
  • Clinical Trials
  • Reporting
  • Assisting to maintain compliance
  • Updating and maintaining health and safety protocols

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