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Project Management Dashboard

Your quick overview, simple yet powerful!

"Users like being able to know straight away what's on their plate as soon as they login. They don't have to go look for it." - PWF team

The Homepage contains a friendly Dashboard showing a graphical summary of your current stats for active, completed and upcoming work.

In addition to seeing upcoming projects and tasks, there is also a 'Recent Work' tab and the ability to see who is currently logged in (and what they're working on).

Overdue projects and tasks show in red at the top of the page to help you prioritize and ensure your team know exactly what you need them to be working on.

Key Features

  • Summary of Active Projects and Tasks.
  • Summary of Time tracked
  • Summary of Quotes and Invoices created, accepted and paid
  • List of upcoming Projects and Tasks
  • List of your recent actions in ProWorkflow
  • List of recent logins and active Staff

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