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Gantt Chart Project Timeline Software

"Upper Management love being able to see what's going on at an overall level." - PWF team

Keep a birds-eye view on Projects and Tasks with an easy-to-use Gantt Chart Timeline. Supercharge your projects with drag & drop features to reschedule work easily.

Conveniently plan and manage your Projects. Oversee and adjust Projects & Tasks with instant workload calculations to ensure your team works efficiently.

Things change all the time. The drag & drop interface makes rescheduling easy. Move single or multiple items at once to your desired date.

Milestones and deadlines no longer catch you by surprise. Color coded bars and dependency lines identify in-progress, completed or at risk Projects and Tasks.

Your company, your Project, your Gantt Chart. Use comprehensive options and filters to display just the info you need.

Key Features

  • Interactive Gantt Chart Timeline with Critical Path function
  • Use the Drag and drop bars for easy scheduling. Any changes to the Gantt Chart Timeline automatically update information everywhere else in the ProWorkflow tool.
  • Get the work done faster with Task Templates that support pre-set Task dependencies
  • Generate Custom Timelines thanks to multiple filtering options
  • Color coded tasks to easily identify at-risk work
  • Manage Staff workload easily
  • One click export and print

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