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Project Planning and Workflow

Working on projects is made easy as all project info is kept on one place and all the relevant stake holders are able to collaborate easily on projects using powerful tools in ProWorkflow

Project Board View

This view allows you to see all the projects in a quick overview and move them across different lists based on the phases the projects are in.

It also has summary information such as tasks left to finish and completed so managers can keep on top work pipe line and schedule them accordingly.

Task Scheduling

In ProWorkflow, you can easily add tasks to projects that have already started.

There are multiple ways to do that but the easiest way is to use the inline task add feature.

You can even paste in a list of 'to-do' items in bulk and all the tasks will be created automatically for you!

Templates are available for tasks that occur regularly.

Resource Allocations

Assigning contacts can be done at various states of your project. You can even setup notifications so that users are informed on what’s happening in the project.

Our iCal integration will allow each user to set the dates of their into their personal calendar.

Each user, based on the role they have in the project, can be given permission as to what they can see and do.

Gantt Timeline

When assigning contacts to tasks, its also important to see their availability and workload so you can manage your resources properly.

Using the gantt view on projects allows you to see this information in detail as well as map out your workload such as task dependency

You can also highlight critical paths on each project to identify potential bottlenecks upfront.

file sharing and collaboration

File sharing and Collaboration

One of the powerful tools in ProWorkflow is file sharing and messaging where you can communicate with your clients and contractors and keep all the information in one central hub.


You can even boost the file sharing capabilities by integrating your file storage provider such:

Google Drive Integration Setup

To learn more about Projects in ProWorkflow please watch the video below.

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