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Task Manager

Consider task a 'to-do' list for the project. They can be added to a project at any stage using either a task template or inline. Task management made easy with an interface that is user friendly to create & delegate tasks quickly.

Simple, easy online task management for your team.

Task Capabilities

Within all tasks you can send messages and emails, track time and attach documents.

Task can be set as dependent, sub - task or recurring.

Task Tags offer you the ability to classify tasks, note issues and provide another reporting variable.

You can also set billable rates within each task allowing you to keep track of your budget as you track time.

User Permissions

If you have users that only need to concentrate on working on their task you can set permission so that they only view the task page and the task assigned to them.

Task Board View

A Kanban view of tasks can be set up for a more visual depiction of work.

You can move tasks between categories using the drag and drop function.

Task Dependencies

Task dependencies allow you to take further control of your work. Meaning that until the first task in the dependency is completed, the dependent task cannot be started.

Creating task dependencies is easy using the Gantt Chart.

Task Hierarchy

Position tasks as Heading, Bold, or Normal

The hierarchy setting shows different levels of a task, at a glance you can view the task and determine its position.

You can structure your work by setting the task hierarchies using headings, bold and normal tasks for a smooth workflow.

To learn more about Tasks in ProWorkflow please watch the video below.

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