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Project creation with speed & accuracy

"We find this is one of the most widely used features in the tool, and users love the detail that can be added to their templates. As always we're happy to help, give advice or demo setting up templates that work for you!" - PWF team

Key Features

  • Use the powerful template options available in ProWorkflow to streamline task, project, quote and invoice creation.
  • Our templates are modular so you can import them as many times as you like into a single project, quote or invoice.
  • Mix and match the services you offer clients at the click of a button and watch projects quotes and invoices be created in seconds to best suit you.
  • You can select settings every time or template them and apply with a simple click.

Task Templates

  • Pre-assign staff, allocate time, attach files.
  • Allocate start and end dates.
  • Add task descriptions.
  • Create tasks - subtasks & sub subtasks.
  • Pre-determine priority.

Invoice Templates

  • Pre-determine line items, staff rates or task rates.
  • Build powerful fixed product invoices in seconds.
  • Add headings, create footers.
  • Designate payment terms and tax rates.
  • Assign different logos to each template allowing you to bill on behalf of multiple companies operated by the same team.

Project Templates

  • Customize the hierarchy and availability of the different sections within a Project.
  • Simply select your preferred template for the job, team working it or customer preference.
  • Reorder project information and see what's most important to you first.

Quote Templates

  • Use Quote templates to build your very own custom library of products and services relevant to your current offerings
  • Quote different prices for different regions for the same services.
  • Add extensive descriptions, change tax rates and save them.

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