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Time Tracking

Track time your way! ProWorkflow has various ways to track time. Choose the method that suits your organisation and bill your clients using our Invoice plugin to centralise all the billable information in one system.

Flexible Time Tracking

Various methods of time entry

  • Live time tracker  
  • Drag & drop or traditional time entry on timesheet page 
  • Manual time entry per each task 
  • Using our Mobile app 

Track Time 'on the go'

If you are a designer or a tradesman out on job sites, then we have a solution for you as well!

ProWorkflow has a comprehensive mobile app that can be downloaded from app stores. 

You can easily search for the task and start the timer and track notes while you are on site. This allows you to capture valuable information while still getting the job done. 

For graphic designers, use the Adobe Extension to track time against tasks without leaving your creative space. 

We also have a Chrome Time Tracker that allows you to track time on your tasks seamlessly! 

To learn more about Time Tracking in ProWorkflow please watch the video below.

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