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Our Timesheet has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use, fast and clear.

Enter time your way!

There are a few options of entering time in ProWorkflow and 2 are found in the time tab.

Here you can either Drag & Drop time entry/editing or do a Direct Entry for bulk time recording. This view gives you an overview of the week so if you are someone who likes to enter time at the end of the week this is the page for you.

Timesheet Approvals

Permissions can be set where you can approve and lock hours in the timesheet as well.

View progress on time tracked

We also have a time report here as well if you want a quick report on how much time was tracked per project/task, client or staff.

You can easily export or print these reports.

Time rounding and set working hours

Use time rounding and set working hours to your company's specifications.

Define how you operate using these features.

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