Find out more about ProWorkflow’s customer love!

Alex Miranda, The Creative Complex

Location: USA

"Julian, just want to thank you for ProWorkFlow and commend you on the company you’ve built and sustained. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years and I know it’s not easy. I admire what you’ve accomplished. I’ve been using PWF for years, have seen it grow, and I’m excited for where you guys are headed.

I also want to thank you for the grace you’ve extended to me during times of trouble. You didn’t have to, but God’s given you and your team great hearts.

I look forward to many more years together."

"Thank you for developing such a great product! My team is more efficient because of your staff. Continue pressing on with great management features, we can’t wait to see what you will come up with!"

Fusework Studios (US)

Stephen Manzi, AdVision Multimedia

Location: USA

"At any given time, our company is in production on at least 10 – 15 webstores for our clients world wide. The lead job of our production manager, puts him in a position where he is constantly bombarded with details, files, notes etc on every aspect of our productions. And if you listen to his ‘whining’, it is ‘every minute of every day, and it never stops’.

Balancing this constant flow of information is a formidable task, unless you happen to be one of the lucky people out there in production land, and stumble on to ProWorkflow.

We can not give you enough superlatives on this program. It has brought our productions into a more streamlined process and dramatically decreased our blood pressure overall. Just having a detailed and up to date list of all our productions and where they are in the grand scheme of things, is ‘priceless’, and that is what ProWorkflow represents to us."

"Thank you very much for your quick response, and may I say as a seasoned webmaster, I am IMPRESSED by the video response back. Without a ‘shadow of a doubt’ the best way to address ‘support’. THANK YOU AGAIN!"

Advision, (USA)

David Smith, Envision Creative Group

Location: USA

"Let me be clear, I love ProWorkFlow. We just set up our first project with a client login for sending proof files and communication. It’s for a difficult client that waits for weeks before replying on proofs and then swears they never received anything from us.

This is going to end all of that and change the entire way we manage our agency. I love you guys for creating this fantastic application! Don’t ever go away! :-)"

"Proworkflow has been great for us. It is really exciting to see the service grow and improve, and dealing with your people (from the CEO all the way through to the engineers) is always a pleasant experience."

Groovy Like a Movie (USA)

Heather James, Introspect Design

Location: Melbourne, Australia

"Hi Julian, I’m a new customer and run a small home based design/brand business. Prior to finding ProWorkFlow I found it very difficult to manage spreadsheets and meet the clients expectations. Added to this my clients would ring me constantly.

Since using ProWorkFlow, the calls from my clients have reduced because they can now see the work is being done by the hours applied, can see the deadlines I am working to and I can communuicate directly from the system to the client. I’ve branded the page so looks like my branding and it makes me look more professional. I am trying to move away from the ‘work at home mum’ perception as I have over 10 years in designing for some of the largest companies in the world. This system is a step towards better management of my work and expectations of my clients.

Thank you so much for this system, I love it!"

"Thanks for the quick response, This looks like a great tool for what we are trying to accomplish."

Siemens (USA)

Victoria Kenward, Haley Marketing

Location: USA

"I just wanted to let you know that we are very impressed with your support and customer service. It is so incredibly nice to work with a company who actually cares about its customers. I thought you would want to know that my Project Coordinator is thrilled. And given our last experience with @task, we are even more excited to have found PWF!"

"People use ProWorkflow because it’s, hands down, the BEST project management tool available today. Keep up the great work!"

Boondock Walker (USA)

Craig Bradshaw, First in Retail

Location: UK

"After almost going down the costly bespoke software route we found ProWorkflow, and what a find! A Service that not only does its job, but does it spectacularly. With the apparent obsessive desire to produce and support the best software on the market, credit has to be give to the people at ProWorkflow for a brilliant solution"

"We love ProWorkFlow! We’re finally on time and if we miss a deadline, we know why!"

Baseline (USA)

Stacy Sawyer, Penton Media

Location: USA

"Each project we engage has anywhere from 1-30 deliverables. Each of these deliverables generally has a different schedule, uses a different freelance author, and payment for deliverables can vary across projects and between authors. And, of course, there are the multiple PO’s from clients to pay for all this. Tracking these permutations of contacts, resource allocation, schedule, and payments can fast become uncontrollable.

PWF can handle all of this data plus some. In my job as a project manager it’s critical for me to pull accurate, understandable reports at a moment’s notice. Our management team and accounting groups are thrilled that we can export data from PWF into the spreadsheets they use to calculate their numbers. The new Custom Reports are a dream – I can give our folks the exact info they need without any extraneous data they don’t want. (Saves me clean-up time as well.)

PWF has become the backbone of my project management process. It’s so robust and easy to use that I don’t have to block out large chunks of time to work with the tool just to keep info updated. I can work within PWF all day without slowdowns or complicated procedures. I can use it to e-mail up-to-the-minute schedule changes to contractors around the world. Our clients and contractors use PWF as a repository for deliverables and assets needed for projects. The benefits go on and on.

Finally, I have to mention the outstanding customer support from Sam, Julian, Alan, and their team. Their response time is generally within an hour, and more often than not they’ve solved the issue before they get back in touch. It’s so refreshing to have a company say, “We took care of it” instead of, “… so, what’s the problem again?” I recommend this tool without hesitation and commend ProActive Software for a job very well done."

"@proworkflow It’s worth mentioning that Basecamp is to Proworkflow as a butter knife is to a swiss army. Go PWF! There’s nothing better."

Mark Nead (USA)

Brent Altomare, Groovy Like A Movie

Location: USA

"We spent the better part of three months searching for a project management solution to help us through a growth phase in the business. We needed to manage not only our internal processes, but manage our clients as well (never an easy task!). After using ProWorkflow for 6 months, I can happily say we made the best decision possible.

Not only is the site attractive, easy to use, and powerful, but the staff and support are extremely responsive. On the rare occasions that I do have a problem, I know I will have a solution immediately (often within minutes!). Kudos to Julian, Sam, and the entire ProWorkflow team for creating an invaluable tool for my business.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You guys are awesome! If only our other suppliers had your level of customer service – the world would be perfect. =)"

Speak Design (USA)

Scott Refsland, FGI

Location: USA

"I’ve always wanted to say that I’m so very happy and proud to see your company grow over the years along side mine, we’ve always been pleased to come back to your solution, and have always found your staff and software to be top notch.

We’d only have to move away because we outgrew you to quickly, but you’re so responsive on your customer service that you catch up so quickly we always came back as you tended to solve the issues that made us look for another solution.

My team at FGI couldn’t be more happier with the current version and we’d be lost without PWF now. Thank you so much."

"We love Proworkflow and we don’t ever want to lose it!"

PowerTalent Network (USA)

Hiawatha Walker, GBOD

Location: USA

"ProWorkflow is ‘The Hub’ of our Creative Services Department here at GBOD. Within the agency, numerous projects are continually in motion.

We needed a simple, easy to use, and accessible from various locations tool to provide structure and organization. ProWorkflow provided this and more.

ProWorkflow basically stepped in and handed us the framework to keep track of the various aspects & stages of each particular job.

Needless to say, we love ProWorkflow. It makes sense. It’s easy to use, ridiculously affordable, and the customer service is the best I’ve ever seen!"

"Your company has an INCREDIBLE response time to customer inquiries, plus your e-mail support was easy to find….making me even more confident in my decision to go with ProWorkflow! Thanks again!"

Click Depot, (USA)

Anthony May, ANT Design

Location: Australia

"I have been using ProWorkflow in my small studio for just over a year now and have been nothing short of amazed at the quality and service provided by this feature rich and well priced Project Management Solution.Although only a small client of ProWorkflow, I feel like I am number 1 in their books every time I have required assistance or support, even a phone call from Julian himself to ensure I was satisfied with the solution they are providing.

On top of this it helps me ensure all of my and my staff’s jobs are managed and charged appropriately and makes quoting a breeze with their quoting pluggin.I have not and would not hesitate to recommend Proworkflow to any industry, creative or otherwise, that wanted an easy to use yet feature packed project management system."

"I am a small studio so cost vs. features, your product ROCKS … Thank you yet again for such awesome efficiency and cheers for all the help."

Ant Design (AUS)

Kim Kennedy, Visualink Creative

Location: USA

"We LOOOOOOVE PWF! We’ve been using it religiously and are absolutely thrilled about it! Thanks for having such a great product!

All I can say is THANK YOU, PWF! We are a small, but busy, design firm – and were in search for an online system to help us keep our projects organized and on schedule. I was not surprised to find the market saturated with programs that claim to do just that. I WAS surprised, however, to find out that not a single one of them had all of the features I was looking for.

I am not exaggerating when I say I evaluated about 40 different project management systems over the course of 4 months, and was on the verge of settling for software I didn’t feel convinced about…before I finally found PWF.. Our projects are now organized (keeping our designers sane), and on time (keeping our clients happy).

And the cost for PWF was astonishingly less expensive than other programs, which was an added bonus. (..Don’t tell PWF, but we would happily pay alot more than we do…) We couldn’t be more satisfied with our decision – and the support staff at PWF is phenomenal. Again, THANK YOU, PWF! :)"

"Keep up the good work, Awesome solution guys!"

Mediation Comms (AUS)

Rob Robinson, Clicked Creative

Location: UK

"We have been using PWF now for over 3 years and in that time it has become an indispensable part of our business.

It allows us to keep on top of our business which means we can concentrate on what we do best – digital design and advertising. PWF allows us to see instantly where we are most profitable and in that way enables us to keep our pricing optimised for every job. Clients love to see the system as it gives them the confidence that our pricing and invoicing procedures are of the highest standard.

PWF was also very easy to get set up within the business (ie people) and we were able to gradually start using it without a steep learning curve or radical change to the business. In the past we had tried other systems but, unless we totally changed the way we worked, they wouldn’t work for us. PWF, on the other hand, enables you to start using some of the features without having to use everything. In that way you can get up and running and make sure the staff are comfortable before moving on to the next level. Even now we are still finding out great new features we can use to help us in our operations.

The team at PWF have always been very helpful and friendly – you can actually get hold of a person if you have a query – not just an endless list of irrelevant FAQs!

All in all I have no hesitations in recommending PWF. If you are looking around at a system that’s right for you you may well have just found it"

"The program is great! It has improved and simplified our workflow immensely.We love ProWorkflow, which we fondly refer to as the Heartland Infomeister. Have a great day!"

Heartland Financial (USA)

Ashira Gobrin, Delvinia Interactive

Location: CANADA

"We needed a solution for 20 staff, After extensive research in project and time management systems, Proworkflow was the clear winner for our company. From the moment we started using this application, we have had increased productivity, better decision making, and accurate time estimation and tracking among other benefits. Julian and the gang continuously respond to our suggestions and have added fabulous upgrades that continue to make my job easier. I’ve been spoilt – I couldn’t live without it anymore!"

"I feel you are making us more dependant on ProWorkflow so we have to track time wherever we go – nice one! It’s exactly what we wanted!"

Threesides (AUS)

Jim Auten, The Rom Group

Location: USA

"Most of my career has been spent evaluating “production” software. I started my most resent search looking for ASP based project management software. The nature of our business makes us very mobile and we need the ability to connect no matter where we are.

ProWorkflow offers us that ability. My firm has found the software very user friendly. We have been able to get up and running in a short period of time.

Their support team has been extremely responsive as well. I have gotten some type of response from them within a day and sometimes sooner. They have made my life easier. So, to me it doesn’t get any better than that."

"Ease of access, great functionality, many options to communicate with many people, a variety of reports, intuitive to use, customer service is exceptional, friendly, & prompt"

New Dialogue (AUS)

Marc Dube, Proven Systems

Location: USA

"I have spent the last 2 years evaluating project software, I am sure I have tested at least 100 different products. When I first saw your price point I said Nah too cheap it will never do what I need for that price so I almost ignored Project Work Flow. I am so glad that I did not!

My theory was that if it took my staff too long to implement and if I had to train my clients to do anything different then that software would not work for us. I am so glad that I did not compromise on those 2 criteria. Within 1 week my staff was up and trained within 2 weeks they were thanking me profusely for helping make their job easier. My clients did not have to do anything different except realize what a great company we are and how responsive we are to their needs.

My expectations have been exceeded! The product is simple, does not slow us down, keeps us coordinated, working as a team makes us more productive and has improved our staffs job satisfaction. Your service is first class, prompt, helpful, never leaves us hanging and sincere. I am so pleased."

"I have nothing but praise for PWF. I think the application is fantastic, well organized, beautiful to look at and priced exceptionally well. PWF has been a great asset to my company in the last year."

Info2Extreme (USA)

Reuben Woods, Woods Creative

Location: NZ

"Can I just say, after continued use, loving PWF even more. Got my head around the Project vs. Task Manager stuff and can see where that is coming from in terms of making this user friendly for all the creative industries. Also got my head around the Company vs. Contacts thing and again, can see where you¹re at with that part. The level of customisation that you guys have built into this product is totally OUTSTANDING!

I would love for you guys to have a look at what Cabin Fever has been doing over the last 7 years to cater to this level of Remote client. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying actually putting your product to work – it¹s just so bloody easy! It marries up so beautifully with our own philosophy. Willing partners! Easy as!

Always happy to welcome you for a cold one at the office or maybe you favour a spot of fly fishing up our ‘local’ and most reliable creek or maybe or a turn or two on the fluffy white stuff at Treble Cone or Cardrona?

[From Georgie] – I love the program and it really is working well for our business. It has basically taken away one person work load and increased productivity. It is Especially good as I can work from home and spend time with my new born twin and still know down to the minute what my staff are doing! Keep it up!"

"Thanks for the Awesome Service!!"

Nobis Interactive (USA)

Steven Moustacas, Talk Media Group

Location: Australia

"This software has really made management of my business simpler and more efficient, increasing my bottom line and reducing my running costs… I would recommend it to any business operator who is in need of a project management tool."

"We are very very happy with the product. Your team did an excellent job with this. Thanks for all the help"

Terrostar (USA)

Curtis, MomentShare.com

Location: USA

"I have to tell you that your program rocks! I have spent an embarrassing amount of time going through online project management solutions and they all fall short in some aspects. Well it looks like you hit the nail on the head. It is a great piece of software and I look forward to using it and getting my projects in order. Thanks again."

"Thanks for the amazingly fast response. It’s always a pleasure doing business with an organization like this. A great product from a responsive organization is always a dream for any user!"

Green Ethos (India)

Wesley Towers, Omnific Design

Location: Australia

"ProWorkflow has been awesome for us. Since implementing this earlier this year we have improved our work flow and time management. It has also been a great learning tool for me since I can easily see when we have blown the budgeted time and know to quote differently if a similar project comes up. It has also been great for tracking what work has been done in addition to what was proposed and allows us to bill for that also."

"Love the software. I’ve been searching for something like this for ages … at last something that works well!"

Yellow Squares (AUS)

Prue Byrnes, The Fence Barn

Location: Australia

"I spent a lot of time trying to find a program which would fulfill our needs as a very busy fencing company, running 60+ projects at any one time. It was great to find a program which we could tailor to our needs with a minimum of help. Having found ProWorkflow we are now managing our jobs more efficiently, cutting down on errors in handling and generally making everyone’s life easier. All our staff has found the system easy to use and have been enthusiastic in embracing it."

"You guys rock my world with THE best customer service around!"

Soho Joe (US)

Sheraz Harris, IT Made Easy

Location: New Zealand

"We are a small but growing web development company in New Zealand. To purchase Project Management Software can cost thousands of dollars, and still not give us a way of managing our client’s projects. PWF – was a blessing in disguise as it allowed us the full functionality of project management software, as well as, allowing our clients based all over the world to log in and see the full project plan and their assigned tasks.

The software is easy to use, fully configurable and we loved that we could customize it to our company’s brand. I know that we would not ever move anywhere else. WELL DONE! And keep up the good work."

"Thanks you, You guys have been awesome to worth with, thanks for making it easy!"

Navigation Advertising (USA)

Oscar J. Muro, Rhino Web Group

Location: USA

"We are a start-up web development firm that is engaged with multiple client projects and needed a way to efficiently manage our resources. I’ve used other project management and work flow systems in the past and experienced difficulties with internal continuous use of these systems due to over complexity and lack of adaptability.

I researched the market and found ProWorkflow to be a very simple but very functional system that meets our needs. In addition, the ASP model presented a very low cost and risk – if we did not adapt and use this system we could easily cancel the service. We are very pleased with the application and have integrated the system as a core component of our business operations.

We expect to continue the service and look forward to new features and functions. More importantly, ProWorkflow has excellent customer service and will talk directly to answer questions and issues. I highly recommend ProWorkFlow."

"Loving PWF, quite literally can’t imagine running the business without it!"

Cabin Fever (NZ)

Jannica Morton, Sites2Behold

Location: USA

"Just wanted to tell you that I love this tool and your customer support is great. Thank you so much for always answering my questions speedily.

The more I use your service the more I love it. I still have ????? but I think we will be officially moving all of our projects over to you guys. Taking a leap of faith that you’ll love your iPhones and decide to build a 3rd party iPhone app to make this decision even sweeter! 🙂

I’ve been on the fence since I signed up with you guys due to the large storage/file space we have at ?????? and the laziness on my part of having to transfer everything over. (leads me to a question = how do I import projects, tasks, etc?!!).

Your customer service and recent/planned updates sealed the deal for us.Thank you and I wish you guys continued luck with your business."

"This is Excellent! More than we expected"

UDC Finance (NZ)

Damar Christopher, Lightwise Design

Location: USA

"I have seen ProWorkflow develop over the last two years and have been nothing short of amazed. You are responsive to customers and proactive (no pun intended) in meeting our project management needs. Although we are a small design firm, we chose ProWorkflow because it would scale with our business. I’ve been so pleased that I recommend ProWorkflow regularly to my friends and business associates."

"It’s amazing how the team and I have already started replying on it!"

Illustrated London News (UK)

Alex Mann, Spin Advertising & Design

Location: New Zealand

"I am so impressed with ProWorkflow and their ability to respond to our requests for changes… and now that we have XERO integration! – that just worked superbly from the get-go! I see this relationship with ProWorkflow as key to the future of our firm.

The link between ProWorkflow and Xero has concluded our search for the sort of application we have been seeking for many years, we have now eliminated our data entry to virtually nothing (no joke) along with the benefit of two extremely good applications(rather than one app that does a half hearted job)

Firstly our time tracking and project management for our team, or what we term as our “Virtual Job Bag”, this runs online, has massive flexibility and functionality at an affordable rate, and now that ProWorkflow has integrated with Xero we now have another great application for accounting and measuring the success of our business on a financial level.

We now have a truly paperless office, can access/track/communicate/share info with our entire organisation from anywhere on the planet, and have a powerful system to have our organisation run globally."

"A wonderful product with great guys to back it… What more could you ask for?"

CodeMedia (USA)

Paul Rowe, Bluepole

Location: USA

"We have struggled for a couple of years to find an effective system that will cope with the demands of a fast moving Graphic Design Agency. PWF has addressed those needs admirably and hasn’t proved too difficult for our designers to use and understand (never an easy task!). We are looking forward to using PWF’s capabilities to assist with client management (still working out exactly what we need at the moment).

The only area we feel could be developed further is the quote plug in. Whilst making raising a quote and converting to a project a fast and painless operation, it would be beneficial to have a notes section that is not visible to clients on it to show quote calculations and other comments. Other than that the whole thing is superb, wish I’d found it years ago"

"By the way brilliant application. I’ve pushed almost all our applications out to the cloud this year, with a mix of about 10 different online services to run the business. And within less than 24 hours ProWorkflow has become an integral part of that mix."

Smith and Wild (NZ)

Brendan Jarvis, Chrometoaster

Location: New Zealand

"Chrometoaster invested in ProWorkflow in April 2007, four months later and it’s already paid itself off. The efficiencies we’ve gained in the studio have been fantastic! Nothing else that we looked at even came close.

The software is well designed, easy to use, and intuitive. Being an interactive agency, these are all traits that we value highly. If we had of implemented anything less brilliant our designers would have revolted!

ProWorkflow’s brilliance is a direct result of the excellent team behind it. Their customer service is on point, all time – every time, and you get the feeling that they really love what they’re doing.

I can’t wait to see what they have for us in the next version. We’re hooked!"

"We are very excited about your product and the possibility it will be an excellent solution for several of our clients"

Direct Web Support (USA)

Timothy Turner, Eye Turner

Location: New Zealand

"Coming from a physical job bag system, PWF has improved our productivity dramatically. The team at PWF have always answered our queries extremely fast and has been great to see them implemented some of our suggestions into their system. Keep up the great work."

"I just checked back on your site and I see you’re up to version 5.2, You guys never rest do you! Thanks a million and keep up the great work!"

Matthew Luke (USA)

Karen Knight, Crash Brokers Ltd

Location: New Zealand

"Crash Brokers is a small but growing M.V. accident management service.We needed a software solution that would provide on-line job management for the collision repair cases we handle, that would also allow all stakeholders to view and/or add information with varying security levels – including internal staff, clients, insurance brokers and service providers (repairers).

We reviewed a number of complex and expensive options over many months and were delighted to find an easy to use, affordable, local product from ProWorkflow.Although ProWorkflow was never intended for accident management, it provided us with an off-the-shelf solution that included 99% of our “wish list”, and has proved to be a resounding success.We could not be happier with the functionality and robustness of the system, as well as the technical support provided by the company’s Director and staff.

ProWorkflow is a first-class product that’s easy to navigate and intuitive to use.It fully supports our objectives in providing a highly efficient professional service, eliminates our dependence on paper, and improves client communications.I highly recommend the product and am sure it would support most industry sector requirements for a multi project management solution."

"Your program is truly excellent"

New Media Syndicate (AUS)

Edgar Moore, Moore Sales

Location: New Zealand

"MSL provides Business Process Outsourcing with multiple projects running concurrently for multiple clients. It is vital that we have infrastructure which allow us to accurately track all productivity for each project and task … and ProWorkflow is the tool which makes this happen.

The ProWorkflow team are super responsive to any queries, not that we have had any issues to date. I have used this product within two organizations now and recommend it without hesitation. It really is a value product!"

"We liked your product so much that we went with you and now we are completely satisfied, can’t wait to get to work!"

Halliburton (USA)

Brad Martens, Seeclear Systems

Location: Australia

"Although Seeclear Systems have only been using ProWorkflow a short time it has streamlined our internal processes to the stage that we are no longer missing out on opportunities, we are more efficient in our quoting, time management and invoicing. In the short time we have come to realize that we were doing so much work that was not actually getting billed properly and even worse some clients were not even getting billed.

I cannot recommend highly enough the PWF product. The product is fantastic and very easy to use, cost effective and they offer great support. Keep up the great work and I wish you success for the future."

"Great team, very customer focused and responsive to all our needs. A tailored solution for everyone."

New Dialogue (AUS)

Adrian Edmunds, Nodding Dog Design

Location: Australia

"Business was growing rapidly, and it soon became clear that a more efficient approach for project management was required. After some research, and a few false leads, ProWorkflow was chosen, and I never looked back! ProWorkflow is an online solution catering specifically for my needs within the creative design industry.

It soon became an indispensable part of my everyday workflow, and I couldn’t imagine running the business without it. It’s an amazing piece of software, at an outstanding price. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work."

"You have been terrific, always available, always helpful so thanks heaps for that. Much appreciated."

Out Of The Blue (NZ)

Peter Moorfield, VO2 Studio

Location: New Zealand

"Using Proworkflow has been great for VO2 Studio, and has allowed us to create a central point for managing projects, which is especially useful with staff based at different locations. This has made our systems more efficient, and has therefore reduced costs. At the same time, we are able to get a better idea of the real cost of a project, helping us to provide more accurate quotes for our clients. Keep up the good work."

"Thanks for the excellent support – You guys rule!"

Duke Interactive (Paris)

Bruno Dreux, Publicidade Interativa

Location: Brazil

"As an online agency that holds international clients’ accounts as L’Oréal Paris, Ralph Lauren, Garnier (and others) and local accounts as well, having a reliable and complete solution was mandatory for us. We’ve chosen PWF after testing all kind of applications. It’s definitely the best cost / benefit we could find on market.

PWF is helping us from project time tracking to financial organization at Publicidade Interativa. Thanks for all PWF team for that great product."

"We had total discord for months then after ProWorkflow, everything fell into place. Now we have a real sense of direction, the road ahead, and the end game goals! PWF, where have you been all my life?"

Apogee Lifestyle (USA)

Kit Menis, DPS Marketing

Location: USA

"PWF has been our life saver for the past two years, and we are still going strong. No one else was able to customize their software for our company’s needs like PWF. Not to mention the customer service is outstanding! Thank you PWF team!"

"This is a most excellent app … As I said we really love this application and are relying on it in a major way"

Mesa Group (AUS)

Jamie Dennis, T. Wynne Art & Design

Location: USA

"After searching for a product that would fulfill our needs as a small design firm we were so very fortunate to find ProWorkflow! We have been using PWF since the summer of 2003 and haven’t looked back since. There are so many things we love about the software, far too many to list now. But one of the best things is the usability of it. When we get new employees the learning curve to get up and running is so little, which equals less down time for us.

We love the fact that you can use as much or as little of the functions of PWF and get the same great experience. I would also like to note the customer service is bar none ahead of everyone else. Whenever we have a problem it gets solved right away even if it is 2:00am for the developers, and I do mean that, just ask Julian.

We have loved the software from the beginning and look forward to many years of continued use. In summary, we love, love, love the software and would not ever dream of using anything else!"

"As far as I can see this product is nothing short of awesome.I have been using it pretty heavily since sign up and have already integrated it with our web site.Compared to others that are more expensive with less features ProWorkflow is far superior.I enjoy the pricing matrix along with the hosted feature.Just to reiterate – This thing rocks!"

ResQtech (USA)

Keith Sampson, SRP Environmental

Location: USA

"Since SRP Environmental began using your Software, we have made great strides in both communication and cost efficiencies. As a rapidly growing leader of Environmental Health and Safety Consulting Services, SRP Environmental began facing challenges with our staff being spread across several disciplines and serving a host of industry clients. ProWorkflow has allowed us to manage all of our project-critical information in one location. Now instead of looking through hundreds of files, documents and e-mails, we can simply log-in and be up to speed on any project within minutes.

Furthermore, the project tracking and automatic e-mail notifications serve to keep us up to date on project changes, progress and milestones. The software has simplified all aspects of our project management and allowed us to more effectively communicate with our clients."

"This is why I like the ProWorkflow solution so much. When their clients talk, they listen and make adjustments and improvements. In their newsletter were several improvements that are either exactly what we’ve asked for or variations. I always pass requests along to the ProWorkflow team, and they LISTEN! What a concept!"

Groovy Like a Movie (USA)

John Daugherty, Vital Music

Location: USA

"Actually I’m using ProWorkflow for 2 completely different businesses. I manage a 7 person creative department and we’ve been using it for 2 months. Our workflow and our time tracking have improved exponentially. We had been looking for a project management system for 6 months when ProWorkflow was brought to my attention. I have told upper-management about it and am trying to get the whole company (80 people) to start using it.

I also own a small independent record label, Vital Music Records, and ProWorkflow is keeping my projects and tasks organized like never before. I can’t say enough about it. I am constantly telling colleagues about the system."

"Your help during testing instils a great deal of confidence! I was tossing up between your product and another product, but yours is so well priced and fairly feature packed I have chosen you"

Ant Design (AUS)

Michael Stiles, Victory Graphics & Media

Location: USA

"Wow! ProWorkflow has been the best Project Management Software we have ever used. We literally tested more than 30 competitors and PWF stands alone. Very comprehensive tools that are also very intuitive. As a publisher with more than 400 book projects this year alone, PWF is the only tool capable of handling every aspect of what we needed."

"I’ve been really pleased with your API – previously we had been testing Freshbooks, and found their API very disappointing. Within a couple of days I’ve managed to write a plugin to transfer companies and contacts from Daylite straight to PWF, which is really helping us adopt it quickly."

Nick Crossland, RCKT (UK)

Andrew MacFarlane, Momentum Advertising

Location: USA

"We are absolutely amazed at how PWF is the only management solution out there that does what it says. I can’t say enough about the PWF team. Using ProWorkflow has made everyone here more accountable and more efficient. You’re software is sick and you company is outstanding.
Props to all of you! Thanks!"

Tim Buckley, Fluid Ltd

Location: Australia

"We started using PWF in 2006. Couldn’t be happier. It’s streamlined the whole admin process. Our designers are happy. Our project managers are happy. There’s no going back. Enough said."

Jan McPhedran, Sorted Architecture & Design

Location: New Zealand

"I had just spent hours evaluating an Australian project and time management program and had in fact paid a non refundable $2,000 deposit when I found PWF on the web. I now have our two design companies on board PWF and life is much easier (and thank god we didn’t cough up the full $10,000 for the Aussie program). The designers and techos find PWF very user friendly with great back-up support. I can now manage our productivity, work flow and billing efficiently and effectively.

I love the fact that this is not only a NZ based program, but a South Island one at that."

Trevor Reid, Spod Digital Media Design

Location: New Zealand

"ProWorkflow is great. I looked through a lot of time management software and found them to be either too limited, too complicated or too expensive. PWF is different, it does everything that I want from quoting through project management and time tracking to final invoice and it’s really easy to use.

I applied for a demo, set it up to reflect my branding, input clients, set up a new project and got to work with it all in less than half an hour. If that wasn’t enough the support is prompt, efficient and friendly and it’s well priced too. It’s all good."

Glenn Hull, Discover Me Design

Location: Australia

"We are a busy graphic design studio and need to manage 50+ projects at any one time. Since we have purchased PWF it has become an invaluable tool in allowing us to manage, track and report on our many projects.

The time tracking feature is used extensively to enable us to control time spent on day to day operational tasks, bill appropriately and plan for future projects. The reporting options are well thought out and presented and the general interface is very well designed and easy to use.

We have tried several operational management tools but this is the only one that has effectively helped us manage our activities and increase our efficiency."

Chris Bessler, Keokee Creative Group

Location: USA

"We spent a couple months weighing various project management solutions before choosing ProWorkflow in 2006. It’s been a great choice for us and has helped us completely overhaul job trafficking and time management. We’ve also found the support to be tip-top and consistently responsive. I’d be happy to answer anyone’s more specific questions about our experience with ProWorkflow."

Hayley Lowe, Lime Red Design

Location: New Zealand

"I did a lot of research on the internet and have trialed quite a few solutions. The reason we chose to go with ProWorkflow is because of the fact that it’s so intuitive – we managed to pick up how it works by trial and error – there wasn’t even a need to use the manual. Also, when comparing it to other systems yours is a great price – we’re in the middle of expansion so the cost of adding additional staff was definitely a factor.

I must admit, I did my homework, I rang a designer in Auckland who’s been using your system for a few years and picked his brains – he was extremely helpful and thinks your product is amazing so, really, that sold it for me! Well done on a fantastic solution – I’m really looking forward to the new and improved invoicing / quoting sections!"

Baruch Ter Wal, Lee Ter Wal Design

Location: Australia

"We were experiencing significant growth in our design personnel, client base and number of projects. I knew that my existing Excel-based job tracking was becoming unsustainable, and began searching for an off-the-shelf alternative. I checked out at least a dozen products, none of which was flexible enough to meet my firm’s needs. So we started to spec out a tool that would be suitable, intending to have it custom-made (a good workflow and time management tool is that critical to a business like mine).

Then someone told me about ProWorkflow. The PWF functionality was an incredible match to our in-house spec. So we got our solution for a fraction of the cost that a custom build would have involved. The PWF design team has really done a great job of anticipating the needs of a creative firm. Hats off to them!"

Brian Leonard, X Communications

Location: Ireland

"I joined X Communications a year and half ago having returned from a 6 year stint in New Zealand. There were some issues with process efficiency that needed to be addressed and it struck me that one of the biggest problems was the timesheet software that we were using. It was very basic in terms of functionality and the team hated using it as it involved manually entering time spent.

My thoughts turned immediately to ProWorkflow, the fabulous project, task and time management software I had used in my previous job in NZ. So I signed us up and sure enough the team took to it like ducks to water and before long we had become a much happier and more efficient force, a fact that has impacted very nicely on our profitability! Thanks to Julian and his team for their wonderful product and to the fantastic support they provide. You deserve it guys!"

DMichael Donnici, Mesa

Location: Australia

"We are a small web development and design company with one partner in Melbourne and two in Sydney. We develop customised web applications ourselves, however these guys have nailed it as far as we are concerned. Although we only use Proworkflow to about 30% of it’s capability this is enough to quell the mayhem of our feisty little business and help keep us sane. Nice work!"

Anthony May, ANT Design

Location: Australia

"Since dot I have struggled to use Proworkflow to its full potential due to speed issues at my end. We have discussed before… Anyway, I thought I would try to find a solution that ran locally on my laptop so that I would get speedy and quick access to my Projects and their details.I looked, and looked…. and looked.Months of looking.Trialing. Discussing with developers their solutions etc etc.

Would you believe that I couldn’t for the life of me find anything that was a pinch on Proworkflow??!!!It has so much going for it and at a reasonable price (although slightly more expensive now due to our fantastic and strong aussie dollar… HA!).

I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that I think I found every single Mac based solution out there (nothing web based as I wouldn’t stop using Proworkflow to go to another web based supplier).It was funny that even the smallest things bothered me… like a poorly laid out Job bag!

Anyway, I just thought I would give you feedback on that one, it is testament to a well designed and thought out system."

Daren Bossenberger, Ideation Signs & Communications

Location: USA

"ProWorkflow has significantly improved efficiency with billing and the management of multiple projects simultaneously. The easy access to the actual time spent on completed projects has been extremely helpful when developing new proposals."

Niels Bendixsen, Three Squared

Location: Australia

"Years ago the studio I worked with spent a motza on a studio management program that was supposed to be the industry standard. It was a dog. Proworkflow is smart, slick, cost effective and a pleasure to use. It is central to our operational activities and the support is second to none. We love it!"

John Beechey, EasyNet

Location: USA

"We have been using PWF for a couple of months now, our customers are slowly migrating to the program and away from email notification of jobs to be done. As company manager I have found the PWF to be easy to use and it allows easy tracking of jobs being done onsite and in the workshop. Congrats guys you are on to a winner here."

Jason Neidert, Steel Fusion

Location: USA

"Thanks for the great response though, I don’t always run into vendors that are so prompt. I love the product, you guys/gals did a great job!"

Georgie, Cabin Fever

Location: NZ

"Absolutely loving PWF (as it is now affectionately known in our offices)! Everything and more than I hoped for. Joseph and Dave are now saying “can we turn off the alerts”. Exactly the response I wanted! “Certainly not”, I say! They are not forgetting anything and the work is getting done and prioritised accordingly. Also I am able to track efficiency so much quicker now. We are busy little buttons so that’s all good!

I have recommended your product to a number of people in the creative industries and hope that those recommendations turn into something. Altogether fantastic chaps and, certainly, after you have got your head around the data input, it’s a doddle and I learn new efficiencies every week at least, if not every day!"

Steven Mayatt, Screensaver

Location: UK

"ProWokflow allows us, as a creative company, to keep on top of our project management from different locations quickly and easily. We don’t yet use the software to it’s full potential, but it’s great to know that I don’t have to move to something new in future when our demands increase."

Leigh Tod, UDC Finance Ltd

Location: NZ

"ProActive have lived up to their name,” said Leigh Tod, Head of Customer Support Centre for UDC Finance. “Their efforts in working closely with us from the start have produced a solution that accurately matches our needs and will deliver the anticipated benefits. Although we are separate businesses, their approach to development and delivery has been, and continues to be, one of collaboration and partnership"

Deborah Oliver, HotHouse Communications

Location: NZ

"PWF has enabled our 14 staff to get more involved with their projects and we are constantly finding new ways of improving our productivity and work flow with the features offered. We get quick responses to our queries and actually think some of our ideas will happen!! The PWF team are always positive and looking ahead and we look forward to the next version."

Daniel Beaubien, Transport Forrestville Inc

Location: Quebec

"I’ve been working with the product for a while now and this is going to be very helpful in our organization, Thank’s for this great product!"

Bevin Neil, BJN Graphic Design

Location: Australia

"BJN is a graphic design agency, small number of staff large amount of work. Projects ranging from business cards, catalogues and websites of all sizes.ProWorkFlow has kept us on the straight and narrow with administration, job tracking, project management, project times and billing. Easy to use, reliable, steam line, flexible, time and cost cutting."

Scott Allen, SDA Creative

Location: USA

"You rock! Thank you!! You guys are seriously awesome!I am very, very grateful. I will definitely fill out a glowing case study as soon as I get back. You know how to make lifelong customers!"

Fred Meyvaert, Meyvaert Glass Engineering

Location: BELGIUM

"My staff is starting to use your tool more & more, and we just love it! This software is absolutely fabulous! For the first time I have a helicopter view of all my current and overdue projects and tasks."

Patrick R Buchanan, Abacus Inc

Location: USA

"Hello guys and thanks for such a great tool. We love it! Anyway, have a great holiday and thank you again for a great product!!! Send my regards to your entire development team."

Yannick Tessier, Be Healthy Inc

Location: USA

"Being a marketing and advertising agency, we have quite a generous flow of information travelling. Our people work in three offices over three states, so our extranet is our lifeline.
Your software ties in perfectly with our existing system and provides our team with up-to-the-minute details on every job we have going.

We have dramatically improved our effeciency and getting everyone in tune with your program was a breeze. The new version is very well thought out and provides great flexibilty for reporting. Our clients will be rather impressed that we remember how many sugars go in their coffee!
Keep up the great work PWF Team!"

Joseph Schibelli, Covad Ltd

Location: USA

"Thanks for the extremely fast response. I am looking forward to its use and the upcoming new version. The subject states dissatisfied customer ‘not correct’ I thought this was the procedure for notification of a problem. In my opinion ‘great product for a great price’.

Looking forward to the latest release with the added user functionality. That would be a great asset."

Nate McLaughlin, RedClay

Location: USA

"Proworkflow has become a great tool for our company. As we continue to expand our staff and services, PWF has served as an effective tool to organize our production with a user friendly and intuitive user interface. We especially enjoy the ability to easily customize and configure the solution for our interactive agency model."

Jason Brown, Monochrome

Location: UK

"We are totally relient on ProWorkflow now for project management and invoicing purposes, infact without ProWorkflow our business would grind to a halt, its such a great tool from our point of view!"

Susan McFarland-Lyons, Cabinet UK

Location: UK

"I was looking for a project management tool that could be rolled out rapidly to our 15 or so staff, without their having to wade through pages of manual or have intensive training. As the project manager, I use it more than most so am prepared to spend time working out what it can do and how to make it work best for me; but the real key was to persuade the staff to use it.

ProWorkFlow is really simple to use and the fact that different people can use different parts of it without having to understand the whole product is what sold me on it. I also like the fact I can add or reduce logins whenever I want to, I’m not committed to a certain number for a year.

Plus, the ProWorkFlow team seem to really respond to clients’ needs more rapidly than other software companies and their new releases are actually useful!"

Brian Lokker, Antigravity Design

Location: USA

"As a solo web designer with a growing client list and multiple projects to manage, I was looking for a time tracking and progject management solution that was easy to implement yet powerful and comprehensive enough to grow with my business. Other products I tested were either too limited or too complex and/or expensive.

As soon as I tried ProWorkflow, I knew I’d found what I was looking for. It’s enabled me to manage my time, keep projects on track, and develop a clear view of project costs to make quotes more realistic. Customer service is also top-notch. I highly recommend ProWorkflow."

Adam Reed, Boom Interactive

Location: Australia

"We implemented Proworkflow across two agencies and both times the setup was very straight forward. The application is feature rich yet simple to use. The intuitive interface allows staff and clients to access their information without intimidation. We now have all the data we need in one place to achieve greater end to end project & financial control.

PWF is also fast and flexible, a very important feature when you are changing and updating your projects regularly. I have experienced other workflow systems that take much longer to implement and then are so complicated to use that staff and clients resist using them at all. Support is great! Thanks from Boom to PWF."

Ben Schepens, Tiu Ltd

Location: BELGIUM

"You have invented the hot water of organisation…. after strugling for years with small programs and local organiser is its an incredible relief to work with proworkflow."

Brian Russell, Insight Resources, Inc

Location: USA

"Congratulations on developing the only intuitive system for tracking projects and entering time on tasks at the project level. (I have reviewed 80 similar systems) I am a process consultant looking for a solution for a client."

Mathew Lesko, CFGeek.com

Location: USA

"P.S. I can not say enough about your product, I have been searching the market for a web based project management application for over 5 years. I have used about a dozen or so and yours is the best one I have found so far and its in CF my personal favorite language!"

Perfect Rennovation

Location: USA

"Thank-you very much for your quick response … some comments to make an excellent app even better … thanks again for your responses and help. I showed the program to the owner of the company and he was so excited, he wants to pursue using it for construction as well as design"

Jason Meuter, Snowdog Web Development

Location: USA

"Great purchasing options, we are psyched to find a project management system built for our industry, from one development company to the next, NICE WORK!"

Weblake Interactive

Location: UK

"I have to say I am extremely impressed with your company and your support/customer service, the response times are excellent, it gives a customer a lot of confidence I can tell you. Not even got onto the product yet! Ha. Excellent Job!"

Jocelyn Silverman, 304 Media

Location: USA

"Your application is awesome! I’ve tried at least 25 web-based project management solutions and yours is by far the best!"

Abbey Jartos, Circle at Seven

Location: USA

"We have searched for quite some time for the right project management system, and I have done trials of probably a dozen, each time asking “Why doesn’t it just do all of the things we need?

I tried yours, and within 15 minutes, turned to my husband and our co-worker and said “We need to get this now!” I have only scratched the service, but it’s incredible, it’s totally going to allow us to serve our clients way more effectively. So thanks for your time and talent, and the great product that you guys have built."

Net Direction Services

Location: USA

"Just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying using your system ….. (it) Has made a really huge difference to our business and there is much less confusion from us and our clients, not to mention growing margins due to faster turnarounds, which keeps everyone happy. Awesome!"

Tim Gilbreath, DigiWebMedia.com

Location: USA

"With my small web development business growing, it became obvious that I needed an all-in-one management tool for myself as well as my clients.After realizing that creating this tool myself was going to take away far too much of my time for client work, I searched for something better, and found ProWorkflow.Within the first day of using it, I decided that this is exactly what I needed to organize and maintain my client relationships in a robust, secure fashion.This is exactly what I would have developed to fit the needs of my project process, the ProWorkflow guys nailed it!

Every single client I work with loves the ProWorkflow software, and now I spend more time on my business relationships and projects instead of figuring out how to manage them. As a web guy who spends all day looking at web application software packages, I would highly recommend the ProWorkflow software to anyone that owned a project-based business."

Woodmen of the World

Location: USA

"We use ProWorkflow in our Communication divisions and it works great. As the web developer I’ve helped set it all up and everyone loves it. It is a great product!"

Bevin, BJN Associates

Location: Australia

"Just like to say what a great product. Not sure if you get thankyou’s. Before using PWF I had no real way to keep track of time and what I was doing, well I did but it was all paper work.

My billable hours have considerably increased, I track admin time and a lot of things I never really charged for, which means more money in my bank account"

Ben Turner, FineSplice

Location: UK

"Always there, always on – That’s the best description of the reliability of PWF.And that’s the most important thing about it. Added to which is the sensible pricing, an attentive support staff and willingness to listen to suggestions. This gives a solid foundation to combating some of your company’s greatest enemies – wasted time, and poor record keeping."

Alistair Ryalls, Ryalls Associates

Location: UK

"Your software is very intuitive and it is exactly what is needed for my business. We have the option of building something similar maybe on an intranet, but we’re always too busy to be able to create something anywhere near as good as your system!"

Ash Kotecha, Sun Group

Location: USA

"Thanks in advance – great product that’ll work awesome for us from what I’ve seen so far! – Good Job!"

Steve Edwards, Helix Design Group

Location: USA

"My partner and I are big believers in using open-source,’best-of-breed’ products in our custom solutions. Because we do so much custom integration and modification work, code layout and structure is of particular importance to our team. We evaluate everything from custom tags to complete applications, because, let’s face it, there are only so many hours in a day!
After trying several other CF-based project management applications, we purchased ProWorkflow and were immediately impressed with the very clean layout. The expand/collapse function of various sections and records is a particularly nice touch.

Another feature that sold us on PWF was the user rights management system. We were impressed with the ease with which we were able to add permissions and rights variables making it easy to integrate our own custom modules.

Finally, we place a high value on our ability to work with the developers of the tools and applications we use and the guys at ProActive Software get high marks in this area. They’ve consistently provided timely technical support and have proven themselves to be responsive to our feedback and suggestions.
Our compliments to www.ProActiveSoftware.com for such a sweet piece of code!"

Chris Hayne, Chris Hayne.com

Location: USA

"I love your application. Awesomely well built and easy to use. … I also prefer to use sql server 2000 over access… Thanks & a nice looking application"

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